Sunday, January 28, 2007

The blue postage stamp is finished, only took an afternoon.

The quilting isn't anything special,but at least it's done and I can go on to the next project.

The backing was made with Bonnie's 10" squares, and I'll be doing that again, it made good use of some wishy-washy blues and it helped when basting to makes sure everything was square. I'm sure I can find heaps more fabric to cut into a 10" square stash.
Remember this top? I left it when I decided it needed pieced borders of some kind. Something has been happening here, but I'll show you that next post.
Mac went to visit friends and now it's apparent that he thinks any bowl of water is meant for him to sit in. He went through great contortions trying to fit into this dish, but in the end had to be content with immersing just his front paws. By that time most of the water was on the floor anyway.


Joyce January 29, 2007  

Do you longarm quilt or on a regular machine. I have to try piecing the backs sometime. Bonnie has influenced a lot of people to do that and it seems like less of a waste than buying new nice fabric for the back. I guess your little dog needs his own pool!

quiltpixie January 29, 2007  

the postage stamps turned out beautifully. Do you have a wall chosen for their display?

Helen January 31, 2007  

The postage stamp quilt is a little cutie.

Rae February 01, 2007  

The blue postage stamp is beautiful. I think Mac is about the cutest little thing ever

Shelina February 02, 2007  

Your postage stamp quilt is adorable. I really like the fun colors. Congratulations on a great finish. Your other quilt is great too. I look forward to seeing what you have done with it.

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