Monday, August 26, 2013

 I went through the block containers and found these fourpatch blocks that were ready to set together. I was going to make the top  much bigger, but I think I'll start again with different fabrics. I was basing them on an antique quilt in a book, and I strayed a bit too far from the original when I was using up odd scraps.

 This will be alright as a smaller lap quilt, and I can cut another one out later on and kit it up.

I'm debating whether to leave it asymmetical as it is now, or make extra blocks to balance it. I'll decide later, when I've got the last two rows sewn onto the main piece.
 These blocks have seved their purpose;  they were just sitting there, they were easy to put together and required no thinking on my part. And best of all, they weren't my pastel strippy!

Instead of just cutting the strips to length I'm using the blue triangles across the top and bottom too. It looks nice, but makes it a bit more time consuming. Let's hope I make them all the same length, or there will be some unpicking and some swearing....


Friday, August 23, 2013

Nearly a month since I posted, it's pitiful, isn't it? There are reasons, but it felt like the longer I left it, the harder it was to actually post again.

First up was a lovely visit from number two son and family; alas it was too short but I loved the time they spent here. Max has grown somewhat, and is five and a half months old now, and the proud owner of two teeth...
We visited a friend's farm and the boys got to play in the big tractor....
 and Logan collected the eggs and saw the pigs and ate a mulberry off the tree.
After they left I came down with a horrible chest infection, which I still have, and then a head cold that Keryn gave me. That's ok, because now she's getting the chest infection - it's nice to share.

I've felt so lousy I haven't really sewed anything, just put my pastel strips together, and I need another half a strip at least. I'm so Bored with this project I'm going to have to work on something else before I go insane. This weekend I'll dig out something else, because if I'm yawning at  another photo of these same strips, then you must be too.
Added to the increased mail from the looming election that we have to deliver, there is also a show coming up that everyone wants their quilts for, so I'm propping myself up at the machine and trying to get through as many customer quilts as I can. Hopefully I'll start to feel a bit more bright and motivated soon, because it sure is boring feeling sick like this.


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