Wednesday, January 17, 2007

On someone's blog (I can't remember now, if you read this tell me and I'll link to you) they asked how everyone stored blocks in progress.

I have a heap of pizza boxes, and also some egg boxes that held 30 eggs and were a nice deep size. The pizza boxes are new, and I think they were about 50 cents each, and didn't I get a suspicious look when I asked for them! Most of the blocks I make will fit in them flat, but I've been thinking about getting a couple of the huge family sized boxes for the larger applique blocks I'm doing.
For the kits I'm cutting now I find these plastic docment cases are really handy. I can fit in the stacks of cut pieces, a few finished blocks and my graph paper cutting chart. This is especially handy if I'm only cutting certain scraps as I acquire them. I can just pull out the case for the Jacobs Ladder I'm cutting from blues and cut until the scraps of the moment are gone.

I only have 4 of these, but I don't think I want to be cutting for any more than 4 kits at a time. That might seem a little excessive.

I'm about half way through the scrap container I'm trying to empty, and some of the pieces are so odd that I keep putting them to one side. They're not ugly, just not things I'd ever use, like chickens and houses and novelty prints. I figure if I group them all together I can perhaps pass them on to someone who does use chickens and dogs bones and butterflies. I'll empty this container one way or another.!

Today I went out to water the lawn and Mac 'helped' me carry the hose. He sat and watched me attach the sprinkler and as I walked back to the tap I was aware of him trotting at my heels. What I didn't know was that he'd picked up the sprinkler and was carrying it back for me. I got to the tap, he sat down behind me, I turned the tap on, and I think you can imagine my surprise! I bet son Matt wishes he had that little scene on video!We had to give Mac a bigger bowl to sit in, he was a bit squashed in his water dish. Do you think he's going to like water when he grows up? You think he will?


quiltpixie January 18, 2007  

I love the surprise of a novelty print in a scrap quilt, but they are definately noticable :-) The dog looks ready for a kiddie pool..

Patti January 18, 2007  

Oh my - how I wish I could have been there to see that!

Like Quilt Pixie, I put scraps of novelty prints in with everything else when I'm making a scrap quilt - batiks, plaids, brights, reproductions, florals, and even Christmas and other holidays. It's fun to watch people examine the fabrics at a quilt show and exclaim over the little surprises they find.

Anonymous,  January 18, 2007  

I love the plastic document holders - I'll go and look for some later today. My projects are stuffed in plastic grocery bags and get scrunched and wrinkled (as well as taking up lots of space). I couldn't use pizza boxes, every time I saw them I'd be hanging for a pizza LOL.

keryn January 18, 2007  

What an opportunity for Funniest Home Videos! Do you think you could stage it a second time.....

Those document cases are from OfficeWorks Sandra; they were reduced from $8 to $2, so I bought 10 of them to share with Mereth. I do love me a bargain!

ForestJane January 20, 2007  

I use pizza boxes too, but be careful where you take them!

I heard a horror story about a quilter who took a stack of intricate applique blocks with her on a trip - worked on them at night in the hotel, went out the next day to brunch, a wedding, and reception afterward. When they got back to the hotel that night, the maid had thrown the pizza box and all her blocks out, and what's worse, the garbage had already been picked up, so there was no hope of retrieving them.

Judy January 22, 2007  

Thanks so much for showing your system! That was me that asked how everyone handled their blocks. I like the plastic because I can still see the insides and not forget what's in progress!!

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