Tuesday, April 02, 2019

These blocks had been sitting in the drawer for about fifteen years, if not longer. Keryn had made a heap of them and after piecing her top  these were leftover. They were hand-pieced, which indicates how old they are, machine piecing has taken over our sewing  for many years.

Neither of us can even remember the quilt she made or what happened to it. There were only about 35 six inch blocks and I certainly didn't want to make any more of them.

In my efforts to finish old projects I set them together with an alternate block to stretch them out and made this little top. It only took a couple of nights to get it in one piece, and now it's waiting for a backing to be pieced from scraps.

I've been shifting this pile of blocks around for so long, and transported them through at least three house moves, and suddenly, they've been dealt with!  I'm always amazed how little time the actual sewing takes; the time-suck for me is deciding what to do, agonising over setting fabrics, dithering about borders. I didn't allow myself those little indulgences this time and it all went smoothly.

However I had no real investment in this project, and no previous idea for the blocks. There are tops that I'm working on now that I'm really struggling with and the questions make my brain hurt. It's only hard because I care about how they turn out and want them to stay true to some vision I had for them in the first place.

 The trouble is I can't seem to make any progress at all because of the dithering, so I might have to rethink a few of these projects or I might be stalled forever!


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