Saturday, February 03, 2007

Remember this stack of eight point stars?

The ones with blue backgrounds were made into this quiltWhich still left an awful lot of stars to be used.
I was thinking about the pieced borders for the Arrowhead top, and the light bulb blinked- what about the stars that are just sitting there in the drawer?

So off I went with my fabulous idea until I discovered ...this....
This is a HOLE! In my quilt top!
And judging by the frayed edges, it's been in the material for a while, probably before I cut it and sewed it as the alternate squares in this top. How could I not have noticed? GRRRR! So before I could attach my wonderful pieced borders I had to do this......
I contemplated just appliqueing a patch over the hole, but I preferred this solution, even though it meant more work.Sigh.
So here's the top, and I'm really pleased with it on many levels. I didn't plan any of the setting, but I love the way it looks. The material from Keryn was a bit of serendipity, the blocks sitting there waiting to be used were fortuitous, even the colours were right for this quilt. Sometimes I wonder if there isn't some inner process that goes along quite undetected by our consciousness and is planning these "accidents" for us. It just all worked out so well. Except for that hole....


keryn February 07, 2007  

Well blow me down, I never expected that as a border. It's Gorgeous!!

It was a happy day that I decided to send you that fabric, because you have done it far more justice than I ever could have. Pure genius.

How many stars are left....

Sarah February 07, 2007  

This quilt is stunning! I love the border - it sets off the quilt perfectly. Congrats on another beautiful quilt!

Nic Bridges February 07, 2007  

I love it - the stars look like they were made for this purpose - perfect!!

Meredith February 08, 2007  

Talk about left overs. The quilt looks great. The repair time is worth it. I love the stars.

Sue February 08, 2007  

Wow, I love your star quilts, just beautiful!

The Calico Cat February 08, 2007  

WOW! Those are both great!

Darlene February 09, 2007  

Those stars are stunning! Beautiful, beautiful.

Unknown February 09, 2007  

This quilt turned out great and the stars complement the center perfectly. Congratulations!

Shelina February 09, 2007  

Wow Mereth, you had a lot of star blocks. You made great use of them in two beautiful quilts. You are right, sometimes some things turn out so right, that they seem like they were just meant to be that way.

Sharon February 09, 2007  

What beautiful quilts! I'm at a loss for any other words. . . just beautiful to see.

comicbooklady February 09, 2007  

Both quilts are wonderful! Great designs, great use of colour! Love 'em!

Anonymous,  February 26, 2007  

It is beautiful colors you've chosen for this quilt. I'm sorry for the hole in your top, but you made it work very well in the end!

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