Friday, February 26, 2010

I've been jumping from project to project in my sewing room and not really settling to anything. The only thing I felt like doing was making more scrappy square in square units,
about 150 more actually. Occasionally I get obsessed by them, and the only thing to do is let it run it's course.

I usually just add them to the piles in the drawer, but this time there were too many- the drawer was full.
So I pulled out the scrappiest brightest ones and now I'm sewing these simple blocks to try and use them up, don't know how they'll be set or how many there will be at this stage. I just need the drawer to close again!
I started another set of blocks, but I'll show them in another post, these units are so versatile and can be combined with so many other little blocks. That's one of the reasons I love making them.

The pile of pieced bits for the Irish Waves border grows too, I think I'm going to have to forge ahead and finish this soon.
I have a kindergarten chair in my sewing room that I use as a stepstool to reach high shelves. Dolly loves to sit on chairs whenever she can, and has claimed this for her own. Small things make her happy, but she's rather subdued at the moment, and sporting some nasty looking embroidery stitches on her side. No puppies for Dolly, and no jumping on chairs for a while either....


Wednesday, February 17, 2010

The year is getting off to a busy start and the two weeks I took off in the New Year are a distant memory now. The tops keep coming in, which is good for business, but bad for my own sewing- sometimes I'm too tired when I get home to face my own projects. I need another holiday!

This beautiful emboidery top was very large and because it was for a four-poster bed, with cutout corners, I had to load it upside down. This made it harder to work out all the cute sayings, but both Keryn and I used to pride ourselves on being able to read upside down so it kept my interest. (This is a useful skill to have if you're nosy about what people sitting opposite you are writing or reading)
Then there were these five wallhangings, all the same pattern but slightly different fabrics,

and this row by row, the second one I've done of this pattern.

This little wallhanging was made by one of our local childminders, a lovely lady who seems to have the patience of a saint and is always surrounded by little ones. These blocks were embroidered using some of the children's drawings, and they were absolutely gorgeous. It was very entertaining to work on this!

There were also two quilts that were picked up before I could photograph them, and the big applique quilt that Keryn blogged about here.

Lots of quilting on that one.

I've worked through the last two weekends, and I still have one big custom quilt to do before I can take a break. Phew!

And remember my purple Bricks and Stepping Stones? It has now gone to America to live with Laura, who fell in love with it and wanted to know if it was for sale. It never hurts to ask, and so this was packed up and got to it's destination in a week, pretty darn quick I reckon.


Sunday, February 07, 2010

You might be forgiven for thinking I'd overdosed on sewing after the marathon effort, but I've just been super busy and neglected the blog. I thought I'd be able to potter through a few customer quilts but there was a sudden influx of urgent tops with deadlines, all of them custom, and of course all of them Huge. It always seems the way, no-one ever needs a small quilt done quickly...

The things I've been working on in my sewing room are just more of the same projects I've already shown, so the photos are a bit boring. I'd love to be announcing some more finishes, but I'm in the plodding phase at the moment, adding to the pile of Flying Crosses,
some more basket blocks and pieced units,

and trying not to bolt ahead on my Leader- Ender project, which is the pieced border for my Irish Waves.

That's proving hard, as I'm itching to get it all in one piece. Patience, I must have patience.

I've heard that some dogs absolutely hate having a bath, but that's not the case around here. Dolly and Macca will just jump in and whine to have the water turned on.
Mmmm, bathwater is the best!


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