Saturday, April 21, 2012

I have been busy changing my little cottage around, and I think I've moved every piece of furniture over the past few weeks. I love shifting things around, and when I lived in a huge farmhouse it wasn't much problem. The boys used to groan when I'd say "I've had an idea...." as that usually meant a few hours of helping me lug wardrobes and cupboards around. Now my house is so tiny that I feel like I'm living in one of those tile games where you can only move one square at a time. Even things that I didn't want moved had to be taken out so I could squeeze other things past them. What a kerfuffle!  But everything has been shuffled to my satisfaction now, and I just need to repack some books and I should be back to 'normal'.

I've been sewing in between work and the shuffling, but I need to spend at least a whole morning working out settings and fabrics for a couple of projects. I'm pretty well stalled on them until I can set the blocks out on a design wall, so I may have to go up the hall for that. And there's at least two other projects that need fabric auditions to get things moving, and that always makes a Huge mess.

In the meantime I set these Lemoyne stars together into a little top, and now I'm puzzling about borders for it. Decisions....arghh!! Is there no end to them? I supppose one of the reasons I like Patchwork is that there are so many variables, but when you don't have any real idea where you're going it can be a pain. Once I know where I'm headed the actual sewing is nothing.


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