Tuesday, June 16, 2020

Years ago I made these Arrowhead blocks from some of my oldest stash fabric from the seventies and eighties. Yikes, that sounds Vintage, yet my real vintage stash is from the fifties, even further back in the mists of time. This fabric is just Old, but I still liked a lot of it.

I hand-pieced twenty of them, over the span of a few years and then they sat and waited for another few years. A couple of months ago I decided their time had come and they were going to be set together, no matter what.
I made a heap of little square in square blocks and chose a sashing fabric with almost no agonising

 and in two nights the blocks were together.

Now I have to decide whether to add a border of pieced diamonds, I'm thinking it might be nice, and I still have some of that fabric in my stash.


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