Tuesday, January 02, 2007

I've decided to rearrange the furniture in my sewing room in a fit of New Year energy, so there is no sewing going on at the moment.

I'm a great shifter of furniture, I love moving everything around and getting a new look to all my stuff. I usually persuade myself that it's in the interests of efficiency and the new set-up will work better, but I think I just like a change. And for a while the novelty of the different look makes me keep everything nice and tidy, until it all becomes stale again.

I found this little top while I was rummaging and put it in the pile of Things To Be Quilted. It really is quite cute, and part of me wishes I'd made it bigger. All the blocks are pieced by hand, and I got sick of those weird shaped background pieces, so I reminded myself how tedious they were to do.I like the setting fabric too, this will be pretty when it's finished and has some nice fancy design quilted in the plain pink border.


Anonymous,  January 02, 2007  

Way to go with handpiecing those lovely blocks! It's a very pretty quilt :-) I love to move furniture around too - used to do it all the time until we got some bigger items and they were too heavy (I also blew out my back trying to move the piano on my own LOL).

quiltpixie January 03, 2007  

smiled at your reasons for rearranging the furniture... I seldom rearrange now, but there was a time it was very frequent. As stress relievers go I guess it was one of the better ones... :-)

Patti January 03, 2007  

What a nice find - it's a beautiful top!

Helen January 03, 2007  

Moving furniture and reorganising things is a great way to get the house cleaned , I find. Mine hardly gets done otherwise. It also clears my brain as well, allowing me to start a new project guilt-free!

What is the name of the block in that lovely quilt?

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