Monday, December 17, 2012

 I got a lovely surprise in the mail;  the latest copy of Homespun magazine.

Inside, my quilt Flying Home that I started last year sometime. I think I first mentioned it on Jan 1st,  but I didn't finish the blocks until months later, and they were intended for the article by then so I couldn't talk about them.
Keryn pieced half the blocks-should I have given her credit? Nah, she didn't care.

Sometimes when I see my work photographed so beautifully I think "Did I do that?" and marvel because it looks so different.

Keryn and I keep trying to choose our favourite block, but it's too hard, they all turned out beautifully. The number of different fabrics in each block semed daunting  at times, but it was worth it in the end. I love it.....except...

I intended to custom quilt this, but a number of customer quilts had to be done at just the wrong time. I had to put a panto on this just to  get it finished,  which disappointed me in lots of ways. Keryn says, "No Worries! We'll just make another one!"  Hmm, we laid the blocks on some blue fabric before we chose this pinky red, perhaps a blue version next time? 


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