Monday, April 13, 2015

 I saw this quilt on ebay years ago and loved the unusual design. Quite by chance I found it again recently on the Stella Rubin Antique quilt site. I had about four of the blocks sewn together, and lots of four patches but they were scattered around in various places in my sewing room.

I found the blocks that I was looking for, as well as all the containers of random bits I'd sewn together as leader-enders. Once I'd put everything in one place I had enough to finish the twenty four blocks I needed. I then had to make sixteen half blocks for the sides, which seemed to take more time than the actual blocks.

I decided that I had enough pink sashed quilts in the works, and I'd change the colour to something else...this yellow is a bit brighter than my usual choices, but I'm liking it. The colour is off, it's darker and not as vivid as it looks in the photo, but still very cheerful.

I don't know what I'll do for the borders yet, but I still have piles and piles of four patches left over. They really are the perfect block for leader-enders, which I suppose is why I ended up with so many. They may end up in a border or they might be the start of another top, but I'm not sick of them yet and it's nice to always have them on hand.


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