Thursday, January 18, 2007

I finally gave up and went to the optometrist last week.

Verdict- I need glasses. I've known that my eyes needed a little help with fine work for a while and I used those magnifying glasses you get at the chemists. They worked for a while, but just lately they seemed not as effective, so I got a stronger pair.

But what finally tipped me over the edge was the blasted word verification squiggles on comments pages.So many times I've dutifully typed them in and they come back and say try again! What!! I know that was an I! Or perhaps it was an L? Hmmn.....No way is that a J!!! I'm dumber than spam now, so I guess I have to admit I need help.

I said to the optometrist "I don't need my magnifying glasses for reading yet", and he looked at me over the top of HIS specs and said "Well I don't know how you've got away with that!" so my eyes must be worse than I thought. Dammn! I used to be the only one at my patchwork group that didn't need spectacles, and now I've joined the crew of the good ship Failing Eyesight.

Not that there's anything wrong with that....I just wanted to hold out as long as I could.

Oh well, I got to the bottom of one scrap container. Now I know it's not particularly large, but this was piled high with higglety-pigglety bits and pieces. So that's done, and my worktable is conpletely empty and ready for me to choose which project to attack. But I'm going away to visit my boys in Adelaide for the next couple of days, so it won't be anytime soon. Perhaps Sunday I can drag something out. And I'm going to try and not buy ANY fabric in Adelaide, think that's likely?


The Calico Cat January 18, 2007  

I am about to join you in the spectacles club - I just need to get to the Eye Dr.

Melanie January 19, 2007  

It's funny, My son has had glasses since he was 12, my daughter (16) colors her hair all the time. Why is it that my generation see it as a sign of "age?" I cried for three days and had the blues for another 3 when I turned 40 and got glasses. I put TINY highlights in my hair and wouldn't tell my family for days--they couldn't even tell anyway. I bet you're beautiful.

Shelina January 19, 2007  

I've had glasses since I was 10 or thereabouts. I do need a stronger prescription though. It might be better if you can't see that well when you quilt though - can't see where the points don't match exactly.
Have a good time visiting.

Diana January 19, 2007  

It's when you can't see to thread a needle when it really hits home!

Anonymous,  January 19, 2007  

Welcome to ole Fogeyland LOL. My first pair of glasses were a year ago and I already need stronger ones!

Sue January 20, 2007  

Hate to break it to you, but glasses may not help with the word verification! Sometimes I think it's the weird fonts they tend to use, you can't tell the Qs from the Gs. Maybe it's just me......

bingo~bonnie January 22, 2007  

Is that a 6" x 12" ruler I see in your photo??? Don't think I have seen one that size before - I bet it would be handy... hummm... you have given me anidea on how to use my next 40% coupon from JoAnns :) ~Bonnie

Sheila January 22, 2007  

I've had to wear glasses since grade 6, so I don't see it as a 'sign of age' as some do.

But, it's not you or your eyes. It's the blasted blogger! I've determined that if you take more than 30 seconds to leave a comment it changes the verification (non)word.

YankeeQuilter January 23, 2007  

I hate the word verification but I hate the wierd-mass replies even more. Sometimes it takes two or three tries for me to get the work right and that is with glasses!

Rae January 24, 2007  

Welcome to "Failing Eyesight" club. However my membership dates back to when I was in Colleage (too many years ago to mention.) I now need a pair of glasses for reading/sewing and another pair for computer work.

My 94 year old mother just started having trouble (sometimes). Other wise she reads without.

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