Tuesday, May 03, 2016

 I finished another small top, again set with white but at least it shows up on my green design wall. I started this last November I think, to use up some bright scraps and blogged about it here. I did expect this to be the first top to be finished this year because it wouldn't have taken much time at all, but somehow other projects got in the way. Last weekend I was determined that it would be finished before May began, and it only took me a few hours.

Lori in South Dakota had finished her quilt and written to remind me to check the way the ribbons were twisting- she discovered her mistakes too late. My top was much smaller than hers, but I nearly went cross-eyed checking and rechecking the orientation of the blocks before I sewed them up. My ribbons are set in a mirror image, while Lori's strips were all facing the same way, so they are slightly different, but still easy to put in the wrong direction. I'm pleased with the effect, and think this will make a nice cheery crib quilt for someone.


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