Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Keryn and I are reproducing an antique quilt and it has lots of half square triangles in it, so that's all I've been sewing lately. I'm going to make dozens and dozens and then try to work out the fabric combinations in each block. It's very complicated and needs a lot of focus and care taken with the measurements and I'm just too distracted at the moment. But I can sew two triangles together alrighty!
I have to trim the 'ears' off this batch, and can anyone remember my glass bear that was holding all the little bits for me? Last time I posted about it he wasn't very full at all....(he looks more like a pig in this photo)
But Keryn had been adding her bits to him, and so have I. He's now full up to his eyeballs, and I think we'll get another six months worth of tiny triangles into him and that's it. I do shake them down and pack them into the indentations, but they're pretty springy little customers and bounce up again when he's back on the shelf.

That's a lot of triangles we've sewn together....


Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Woohoo! I finally have my new computer, which is faster than any computer I've ever had before. I can't believe how quick it is, I used to go off and make a cup of coffee while Photoshop loaded. Not any more, it's all lickety split...done! My internet speed was the next hurdle, but I've found a way round that too and hopefully it's all plain sailing from now on.

I wanted to blog about this package from Andrea, all the way from Wales. I won these lovely vintage looking fabrics in her give away, and now I'm planning what to make with them. I've never won anything before, so it was quite a thrill. I do adore vintage fabric patterns and Keryn and I have quite a stash, packed away at the hall. I'd like to start going through them and posting photos of a few, some are gorgeous and others completely bizarre. Stay tuned for that...
I've been very unsettled in the sewing room, and sewing has been at a minimum while I moved furniture and generally made a right royal mess. I did start Bonnies Orca Bay mystery, but fell off the horse at the first sign of string piecing. I know she says absolutely no whining allowed, and I knew there was string piecing involved and I really thought I could do it.... but I can't. Won't. So I've been doing the pieced units and I might just cut squares of the red and blue fabrics when it comes time to put it all together. I'm not a very good mystery participant at all. I'm always the one in the background looking very worried and piping "But what happens next.... where will this go.... what if I change that..." Best if I don't try at all it seems.
I've used up some blacks and neutrals, which is good; these were a bundle of scraps hanging around to no good purpose.

This is a top I quilted last week for a 14 year old girl, her first finished piece. She did a wonderful job of it, beautifully pieced and balanced. She's already enthusiastically planning her second quilt which I think is great. Get them sewing young, and then they don't have all those regrets about not starting sooner.
It made me want to pull out all my scraps and make something so cheerful and pretty.


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