Wednesday, January 24, 2007

This little top was made with left-over 4-patch blocks that Keryn sent me, years ago. I quite often end up with her cast-offs, usaully because she mentions that she's going to throw them out and my first reaction is "I'll have them!". I think sometimes she just doesn't tell me what she's going to clear out, and chucks it anyway so that she can save me from myself. Do I want to be saved......?

I must admit that it's all getting a bit beyond me. If I save every scrap that I produce and every skerrick that comes my way from other people I end up spending quite a lot of my sewing time mired in the little bits and not getting the big things done. That's why I chose this set of left-overs to finish, so that I can see something happening with the scraps. It's basted and had the borders outlined with the walking foot, and now I want to do some free motion in the middle. The binding's already made, so I could have this finished pretty soon.

The container of scraps that I emptied all came from Keryn and another friend who donates them to me, and I'm going to try and cut everything up as soon as I get it now.I've got into the habit of making all my scraps into strips and squares as I cut for other projects, so I haven't added to the scrap containers myself for a couple of years. Added plenty to the drawers of strips and squares and triangles, but I can handle that. It's the bags of free fabric I get from everyone else that overwhelm me, ...."Oh, you use scraps don't you, I've got a bag of fabric saved for you!" and I just can't seem to say no.

Don't think that you can get out of sending me stuff Keryn, this isn't a complaint and I still want all the stuff you're clearing out!!!! I'm doing you a favour!


Anonymous,  January 24, 2007  

You lucky thing - getting bags of scraps from rellies and friends LOL. I love the checkerboard quilt - there's some VERY nice fabrics in there :-)

keryn January 24, 2007  

You will never know about the things I dispose of without consulting you. It's better that way.

I am about to send you a whole heap pf rug-making material; it's going to be one large parcel.....

Joyce January 24, 2007  

I love the quilt. I have been trying to tame scrap bags too. I cut a large bag into strips and am sewing them together. Not sure what I will do with them but at least they are manageable now and seem to take up half the space.

quiltpixie January 25, 2007  

Its amazing how "free" scraps really do have a cost isn't it :-) But given that top you've made, I'd say it was worth it. Its very pretty.

MARCIE January 28, 2007  

Your quilt is darling! Love those scraps! I figure if you can get two quarter inch seam allowances with a bit in the middle, it's fair game.

Shelina February 02, 2007  

I wouldn't want to be saved either. You have someone who has already done the cutting and half the sewing and you get a beautiful quilt out of it.

Katrina February 27, 2007  

Great Quilt!! I love it. I do the leader-ender thing with my scraps but there never seems to be an end to them. They have babies over night :) I have made a dint in my scrap heap though. Great job.

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