Thursday, January 04, 2007

The quilt from the last post was based on another one of Talula's. It's called Eastern Star, and Keryn decided to make one just like it. She sent me the template and asked for some scrappy blocks, so I duly made about 8 and sent them off.

I intended to make this quilt too, but in one of my "What if?" moments I decided to turn the block slightly so that the points aligned with North and South, making the stars stand up straight.
(Excuse the horrid image, but I'm too laaazy to go and drag the top out and take a clear picture, - I just blew up a bit of yesterdays photo)

I had to redraft the background pieces, but I love drafting, so that's never a problem, nor do I ever have to lament not having a pattern. As long as I've got an image or a scribble or something on graph paper I know I can make it work.
This is Talula's original quilt, and Keryn's looked very similar if I remember correctly. I still have the templates and one day I might make one of these too.

Mac loves this chair of mine, and when I growled at him this morning for chewing my phone charger he decided to go and sulk in his favourite spot. Hmphh!!


quiltpixie January 04, 2007  

that star block looks different with the points aligned on the N-S axis... I rather like it... :-)

Anonymous,  January 04, 2007  

I've borrowed Talula's book from the library several times - her quilts are just stunning. I love your blocks too - they will make such a pretty quilt :-)

Helen January 04, 2007  

I like the block aligned North/South. Looks great.

Melanie January 04, 2007  

I love the last picture--- puppy noses. The stars look incredibly difficult, but they're beautiful. Lots of work in the quilt.

The Calico Cat January 04, 2007  

What a cute puppy nose... I like that original quilt block - somthing unusual & quirky about it being off the North South axis...

Sheila January 05, 2007  

Your change to this block is much more appealing to me! Very pretty.

Do you quilt on a sewing machine or do you have a longarm?

Shelina January 05, 2007  

Happy New Year. That block is beautiful, looks a little too complicated for me to make more than one though!

Rae January 09, 2007  

I took a 2 month break from blog world, Nov & Dec. The break was caused by vacation, illness and my computer going down. I have been trying to catch up with my friends in blog world so I haven't taken much time to coment. Thus my coment takes in a few of your blogs.

The setting blocks for the pink centered stars is perfect. As if it was made for them.

I think your blocks in the drawer would work togeter beautivully to make an Orphan Quilt.

I have enjoyed your blogs, impithized and sympithized with your life altering events. I started blogging in April las year and share many o f your feelings.

That is a lovely little Eastern Star quilt; Also I like the way you turned the stars.

I love baby dogs. Big once aren't so bad either.

p.s. Some of your orphan blocks look somewhat like overgrown Dear Jane blocks. I have a Dear Jane quilt I have been strugling with for some time now.

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