Monday, January 01, 2007

Sometimes you feel a bit introspective......
( This is a sculpture my eldest son did when he was at the School of Art in Adelaide)

I've been doing a bit of navel contemplating and thinking about what I want to acheive in 2007. It's always a good time to evaluate, but my blog is a year old as well, so I have an added facet to my musings. I suppose that because one of last year's resolutions was to create a blog I can tick that off but I really haven't posted as regularly as I envisaged. Life (and Death) really did get in the way quite a lot of the time, and the gaps in my postings were never due to laziness or boredom. Sometimes when huge things are happening in your personal life even a little paragraph about the latest sewing is too much to handle.

Hopefully this new year won't hold quite as much upheaval and I can be a steady blogger. I've really loved the community I've found and although I knew some people before I seem to have met other delightful friends too that I would never have known otherwise.

I've kept a journal since I was 13, sometimes with a few months lapse, but my life and thoughts have pretty well been chronicled since then. Now the blog is a part of that, and although I don't think I'll ever stop the actual writing with a pen in a book I'm really enjoying the little slice of life, with photos, that I can have here. How could I ever have imagined, when I was 14, and brooding about Lord Byron, Art and a boy called Cookie, that one day I would be able to instantly publish my musings to a worldwide audience, every single day if I wanted. I would have blown my little mind.

So thankyou Blogger, even if your photo loading is a pain at times, I think we forget how incredible the whole thing is, even if it took 45 mins to load every photo.And thankyou blogger readers for continuing to come back even when there's nothing new. Stick with me, I promise to do better this year!


quiltpixie January 01, 2007  

it is amazing how much things around us change -- makes you wonder how much we've changed over the years too :-)

hope the new year is good to you

Helen January 02, 2007  

Love the statue.

I'm a new blogger and I'm just loving it. I'm recording my quilting life in far more detail than I did in the days when I took a normal photo of each completed thing, waited for the film to be used up, got it developed, hauled out the photo album, etc etc etc. It is just so quick! I'm a convert!

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