Sunday, March 29, 2009

A blog reader, Amanda, sent us a beautiful top to quilt and I finished it this week. I do love all the pretty rose fabrics in this, and the pink sets it all off perfectly.
Amanda wanted a sneek peek, so I promised photos.
When I downloaded them I was horrified at the one showing the whole quilt, it looks like I've slashed it all into pieces! I assure you it's not Amanda, just my camera playing silly beggars. I promise I'll get another proper photo when I go back to work tomorrow.

I did a block pattern of Keryn's in the centre, then freehanded flowers and feathers all over the rest, and finally a rose pattern in the border, to go with all the gorgeous rose fabric.

While I was trying to chose a pattern for the border Keryn said "Don't bother, I'll just design one", and a bit later on I had it on the computer and was stitching away. That's one of the delights of having her for a work partner; she just comes up with designs at the drop of a hat.
The puppies still continue to grow, or rather their heads and stomachs are getting bigger. But their legs look like little afterthoughts just tacked on to the distended bellies. When they have need of them I suppose the limbs will develop, but everything is geared to Food Consumption at the moment.
This looks more like a pot-bellied piglet than a puppy!

I can't believe the positions they fall asleep in. How can this be comfortable?


pdudgeon March 29, 2009  

LOL, they'll work those bellies off and develop the legs quickly once their eyes open. then it will be a matter of keeping up with them. they look so cute!

and that quilt is beautiful!

Brenda March 29, 2009  

Love the photos of the puppies. I don't like human babies much - they don't seem to do much - but the animal kind are fascinating

SC Sally,  March 30, 2009  

OOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHHH! I am sooo glad you are posting puppy pics! I love baby ANYTHING it seems, but puppies and their fabulous "puppy breath" are one of the things that I love more than I can say. So, keep 'em comin' please.

Jenni @ Fairybread March 31, 2009  

Your quilting looks great Mereth - hope you are surviving the recorder playing... I like the little tails on the pups. So cute.

*karendianne. April 01, 2009  

The quilt pattern you've got is really lovely. Gorgeous as a matter of fact.

meggie April 01, 2009  

Love the roses -so sweet & Keryn's border pattern is perfect.

Myra May 23, 2009  

Interesting fluke photo there! Wow!
Lovely quilt though...
Love the puppies! Gorgeous little beings! 8-)
The blocks in your previous post are awesome! What an effect! Love it! 8-)
Happy stitchings!

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