Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Keryn and I have been sewing for two days on the bushfire tops, and we're both at the point of hysteria now. I've quilted a customer quilt as well, and she's done printing and business chores in between all the frantic feeding of fabric through our machines. Two tops are done and another one only needs borders. Hopefully I can get them quilted in between customer quilts. We'll have five to send off before the end of the week, with any luck.

My half and half top is done, grown quite a bit from the original twelve blocks. I can see where that portion ends, but I don't know that anyone else will notice.

What an amazing lot of scraps in this top, and I didn't cut a single strip for it. Everything came out of the strip drawers. I cut the half square triangles from strips using the Easy Angle, and it made it so easy. I think I'll keep making these as leader enders, but I'll give them a rest for now.

The puppies have grown so much I don't think they'll fit in here next week!
Bucket of babies?
None of them are backward about getting their meals, and their manners are lacking somewhat. Lots of pushing and shoving and scratching at each other to get the best spots, and squeals and squawks if one thinks he's not getting his fair share.

Sometimes if you've been sleeping fatly in a corner and only just woken up to the fact that everyone else is having their tea and You're Missing Out! , you have to do whatever it takes to get what's rightfully yours. Including stepping on your siblings heads and lying on the table, so to speak.

Miss Manners would be looking on disapprovingly......


christine,  March 24, 2009  




"Resitance IS Futile" Locutus of Borg


pdudgeon March 24, 2009  

oh, the antics of puppies! they'll have their eyes open in a few days and then they'll follow mom everywhere she goes, so you won't need to transport them.

i love that quilt and no, i can't even see where the original part was. isn't it amazing how far those strips can go?

Lori in South Dakota March 25, 2009  

Love the quilt, but really want to cuddle the puppies. How many boys and how many girls??

Jenni @ Fairybread March 25, 2009  

Too gorgeous! Nice quilt, but such beautiful pups!

sewprimitive karen March 26, 2009  

Wow, some wiggly puppies.

Anonymous,  March 26, 2009  

What precious little pups!

Where might I find the Half and Half pattern in the US? Do you know? I love it!


YankeeQuilter March 27, 2009  

I could spend hours just watching puppies sleep let alone when they start wiggling all over the place. So cute. By the way, your quilt is nice too!

Anonymous,  March 27, 2009  

your quilt is fabulous darling and those puppies are the cutest thing ever! wish I lived closer so I could "visit" with them. they look like they can brighten a sad day.
Unfortunately I live in the USA so a vist via blog is my only hope.
keep blogging cuteness. we dont mind at all. after all aren't they grandkids?

meggie April 01, 2009  

Thanks for sharing the little chubbies at the milkbar! They just make me smile & laugh.

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