Thursday, March 12, 2009

Our patchwork group met on Monday and we sewed some blocks for bushfire quilts. Keryn talked about it in this post, but thought there were no photos.

I remembered to take a few at the start, but got slack at the end. We nearly covered the middle of the floor after a few hours, which is good, considering that awful carpet....We're going to try and make three queensize quilts, there are still strips left to cut and we can always use sashing or alternate blocks to stretch things if there aren't enough. Everyone agreed it was good fun and we should keep on doing it. Perhaps we could find a contact in the flooded areas of Queensland to donate to as well- I'm sure there's a need there.

This is a little UFO from ten years ago, based on a vintage quilt I saw on our trip to America. I didn't have a photo, but I thought I could remember it well enough. I made this many blocks, and thought it wasn't turning out quite like the one I'd seen, so I lost interest.

Keryn came for a visit and pointed out that the original quilt had four fabrics in each log cabin block instead of two, and I promptly stuffed it in a drawer and hadn't touched it since. My fault for misremembering, but I didn't want anything to do with the poor little things after that.

After we'd quilted Keryn's daughter's top on the machine, there was a piece of leftover batting and backing, so I pulled these blocks out, set the top together in about half an hour and threw it on Millhouse. I bound it with scrap binding, and there's another little quilt to send off.

Now to finish the brown orphans, I've sewn quite a few together and I'm working on the rest. My Drawer of Abandonment is getting empty- I wonder if I will ever build up that many bits and pieces again?


pdudgeon March 13, 2009  

i always loved that log cabin setting in a quilt. reminds me of snail's trail and wandering ways.
and yes, i've seen the strips stacked up that way with two colors (light and dark) in the blocks.

looks like your group was very productive indeed!

tirane93 March 13, 2009  

awful carpet? i thought it was a magnificently pieced top! i want to do that much applique....

meggie March 13, 2009  

Lol at Tirane93.
Looks like some very nice quilts are happening! Lucky recipients... well you know what I mean, not lucky, but the quilts might help to ease the pain.

*karendianne. March 24, 2009  

"Drawer of Abandonment" - I love that phrase. I may have to use that myself.

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