Wednesday, March 18, 2009

When Keryn was writing the instructions for her Half and Half quilt (recently featured on the cover of Homespun, dontcha know?) she got me to make a few scrap blocks to test the pattern. It was so easy I kept on and made enough for a small top.
I was going to put borders on it, but never got round to it. When the magazine came out I remembered the little top and how easy the blocks were , and decided to make it larger and donate it for the bushfire cause.I'm aiming for thirty of these blocks, which is quite a bit of piecing. Keryn's block is a quarter of this, with sashing in between, my version is four blocks sewn together to make a larger block and then set together edge to edge. I love designs that you can play around with like this. I have 25 done so far, and another session should see me nearly finished. Then I can set them all together and get it quilted. I can't believe the amount of scraps this has gobbled up, and yet I can barely see a dent in the drawers. Sheesh.

And in news just to hand, last night Bonnie went from this......
to this,

and finally had an insane total of seven pups. You can see Macca's stamp on them, that's for sure.

Staffies don't normally have litters this big, and it's her first time, poor girl. She's such a good little mum, but it's a bit overwhelming. Macca was introduced to them and was intensely curious, enthusiastically washing one of them until Bonnie drove him off. She's very protective of them, but loved having Matt and I coaching her throughout the labour. What a lot of attention, and she lapped it up. But her work's cut out for her feeding this lot, and not a runt amongst them.

Look at that profile! Anyone want a puppy?


Lori in South Dakota March 18, 2009  

Congratulations!! Oh, makes me think of "puppy breath", I would love to be there holding one. And pretty soon they'll be waddling around and gnawing on your fingers and toes. Such fun things--puppies!!

Andrea March 18, 2009  

Many congrats on the little pups - how sweet they are. They'll all be driving you mad soon I think - lol !

tirane93 March 18, 2009  

i want to praise your very nice quilt, but i keep getting distrcted by the DARLING puppies! they are so cute! (it is a very pretty quilt of course)

pdudgeon March 18, 2009  

i love the quilt pattern and both settings! looks like this would be a great jelly roll quilt!

the puppies are adoreable and so sweet! congrats to the new parents and proud owners.

Shasta March 19, 2009  

It is a beautiful quilt. Congratulations on your puppies.

Brenda March 19, 2009  

The puppies are gorgeous. Please show us their progress on the blog

meggie March 24, 2009  

Congratulations on the goreous pups! They are adorable.

Jenni @ Fairybread March 25, 2009  

Puppy breath!! How exciting - poor Bonnie though, as they will be a handfull in a few weeks. Are you both getting one?

Scrappy-Quilter April 11, 2009  

I love the quilt blocks you made - they are so pretty. Need to try that block sometime soon.
Those pups are sooo cute!

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