Tuesday, March 03, 2009

After a weekend away in Adelaide, which Keryn wrote about, we're back into the thick of things here. I've got customer quilts to finish and bushfire quilts to bind and send off, borders to put on, and heaps of tidying and sorting to do. Note that I'm referring only to my sewing room and the workroom, I've pretty much given up on the usual housework. I've never minded dust and living in this area I hardly even see it any more.
This morning we woke to the wonderful sound of rain on the roof, and my instant reaction was a quick prayer that it would race across to Victoria and put out those damn fires once and for all. One morning of steady rain would do it, so I hope that some of it got over there.

Keryn and I sent off a queensize quilt each as soon as we heard of the need, and it was wonderful to learn that mine was given to a young married couple that had lost everything. It's so nice to know that our quilts went straight to people who needed them and aren't sitting on a shelf somewhere. Thanks Jan and Christine for organising this great service.My quilt was this Lost Ships; I hope that it gives some comfort to it's new owners.

This is a customer quilt I've just finished, it's her first top and I think she did a great job.

I ditch stitched the applique and freemotioned over everything else, not taking any notice of the seams. It worked well for this particular quilt, and I enjoyed doing it.I made a new Year's resolution that I would draw every single day, and I've kept up except for three days. I draw at night usually, just before I go to sleep, which is dangerous because I'm tired and sometimes my judgement is off. Just lately I've been drawing cats and I find them really difficult. They can look skewiff and squinty if I'm not careful, so obviously more practice is the answer!


pdudgeon March 03, 2009  

Merith, what beautiful work you do!
i love that donation quilt pattern and the colors are great!
that customer's quilt is lovely too. what nice fat feathers you make.thumbs up!

you got rain and we got snow (finally)on the same day---both very welcome indeed.

sewprimitive karen March 04, 2009  

Despite spending my whole life observing my cats, I think that cats remain one of the most difficult things to draw. Your sketches are beautiful.

meggie March 04, 2009  

What a wonderful gift quilt. I am sure it will be treasured.
Love your kitty drawings, they look so real! No skewwhiff at all!!

*karendianne. March 04, 2009  

Artful Ships is amazing. I love love love your drawings.

Diana March 04, 2009  

I have admired that Lost Ships quilt since you showed it the first time. I'm sure they will enjoy having it and the thought behind it.

Lori in South Dakota March 04, 2009  

I am binding a quilt right now to be sent, and some other things to go in the box. I am sending mine to Mia of http://campfollowerbags.blogspot.com/

I made mine using up a lot of scraps given to me in a box, I made "Wonky Stars". It's laying here waiting for the hand binding part, I really like it. I hope someone who needs it will get it like yours did. A needed home.

Lindah March 04, 2009  

Mereth, those are wonderfulc cats! And quilting is beautiful, too.

YankeeQuilter March 06, 2009  

The cat sketches are wonderful!

Anonymous,  March 06, 2009  

WOW! Those drawings are amazing. How long does it take you to do something like that?

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