Saturday, March 21, 2009

If you don't like puppies, just leave now. I've got nothing else for you today.

They have gone from barely inflated, trembly creatures to plump little plush piglets in two days. They are packing on the weight, and it's impossible to look at them without crooning and wanting to cuddle them. (Maybe that's just me, but they're Gorgeous)
Bonnie has her family in the bathroom at night, and during the day they're in a box in the lounge room. But who could watch the telly when these fascinating scraps are squeaking, fighting over places and climbing around and over each other? What entertainment!

The easiest way to transport them is in a container.....

Bucket O' Puppies anyone?


I'm ready to start putting the half and half together and I've got four customer quilts that need the threads tied and other piffling matters to attend to. But all I want to do is look at the puppies. (Keryn's going to get real sick of me whiniing on about them....)


Kelly Ann March 21, 2009  

Call me crazy but I love the smell of puppies...

Anonymous,  March 21, 2009  


LUV the puppy pics

wish that I could have one......but have 3 dogs already

the hubby (and council!!) would have a pink fit :>(

Brenda March 21, 2009  

Happy for you to show them as often as you like.

tirane93 March 22, 2009  

how am i supposed to get any quilting done when you keep posting pictures of these adorable pups! look at all those precious little noses! mama sure is doing a good job with these pups.

pdudgeon March 22, 2009  

yes, by all means post puppy pics!!
they are as adoreable as your quilts are beautiful.

YankeeQuilter March 22, 2009  

How wonderful...I love how pupplies smell! We used to raise Scotties and nothing was better than a new litter! (I remember one litter was born the week before Thanksgiving. My Mom made my Dad move the birthing box out of the corner of the kitchen to my bedroom because too many people were spending too much time at the kitchen table "puppy gazing" and she couldn't get the baking done!)

Lori in South Dakota March 22, 2009  

Puppy pics! The best! Who could get anything done with that to watch! Puppy snuggles and grunts.

Colleen formerly of South Africa March 22, 2009  

If I had those cute puppies at my house... i don't think I'd get anything done at home.

Anonymous,  March 23, 2009  

oh my gosh such sweetness!
Bring on the puppies. we wont tell your sis.

Dawn in USA

*karendianne. March 24, 2009  

Ahh, little muppets. How sweet.

meggie March 24, 2009  

They do look lovely & plump! Beautiful.

Jenni March 25, 2009  

How could you sew when there are puppies to watch?? They are adorable, I'm so jealous.

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