Monday, March 09, 2009

My ufo's have been occupying my time lately. I don't have any great guilt over them, but I would like to have them "resolved" in some way. To this end I decided to use as many of them as I could in one quilt, instead of finishing them individually.
I had eight of these blocks in faded colours, from around 1989.

And nine blocks of the same pattern, from even earlier, with the dreaded cream sheeting as the background fabric. This is why I stopped making them all those long years ago, it was awful stuff. I told myself I should either use the blocks or throw them away....

There were ten of these star blocks, made from sample squares from a patchwork shop in Rockhampton, gifted to Keryn and thence to me. Made so long ago the triangles have the bias grain along the outer edge of the block- I didn't know any better then.

A single eastern star block, made when Keryn was doing her version of Talula Bottom's quilt.

Then I had bits and pieces, tiny three inch blocks that I set with a cross to make larger blocks,pink and cream halfsquare triangles from an abandoned border that I sewed into blocks similar to the first lot,
and some leftover nine patch blocks blocks from Bonnies Double Delight that I didn't use in the border.

All together, they made this, which grew with no real plan, and fits a double bed nicely. I'm pleased with it; so many projects combined into one, and the memories of all these unfinished quilts, (which I genuinely liked when I started them) make it quite special now. I thought about donating it, but I don't think I can.


Tazzie March 09, 2009  

Ohhh my goodness Mereth, I don't think I could give it away either, it's just beautiful.
The blocks weren't quite what you'd call ugly ducklings, but the quilt is definitely a beautiful swan. Stunning.

Diana March 09, 2009  

I love how you were able to make all those different blocks come together. Beautiful job!

Lynn Dykstra March 09, 2009  

The fabrics you chose for the sashings and borders bring it all together so well.

Anonymous,  March 09, 2009  

I would not be able to give this beauty away either. You have a knack for colors. I enjoy reading your blog and your sisters blogs to see what you girls are up to.

Dawn in USA

sewprimitive karen March 10, 2009  

Oh, Mereth, it all goes together so well and is adorable.

meggie March 11, 2009  

It is just lovely. Keep it!

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