Thursday, April 02, 2009

I finished a top from some of the blocks that our patchwork group made and I hope to quilt it in the next few days. Keryn sent four more quilts off last week, and there are at least four more in the making. It feels good to be turning all these strips and scraps into useable bed coverings.

I've been going through all my project boxes and found two little tops made with one of Bonnies strip patterns and a heap of leftover blocks. I joined the two little tops together and then added the other blocks to make it a decent bedsize. Another top nearly finished, and an empty project box, everybody wins! I've just got to find a border fabric now to set it off.

We've gone through quite a pile of material, by the time you take into account backings and borders, but there's no danger we'll run out any time soon.

All the puppies opened their eyes on the day they were two weeks old, right on cue. The cuteness factor is appalling, and I waste far too much time cooing over them. I have to spend some time every visit gazing into each little face and making sure they know their granny loves them.

Bonnie's getting better about allowing Macca near them, and he's shown nothing but curiousity and a rather slapdash affection so far. He loves washing them, but his enthusiastic swipes tumble them hither and thither, and when I bend down to turn them up the right way he gives my face a good going over, just to show I'm cared for too. I really can't stand being licked, but take it in the spirit it's intended. He was so patient and kind with Bonnie when she was a pup that I'm hoping he'll display the same tolerance for his offspring when they start being obnoxious.

Is that you Dad?


mehta April 02, 2009  

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Diane April 03, 2009  

Great scrap quilts!

YankeeQuilter April 03, 2009  

Those quilts are wonderful...makes you wonder why we leave them so long in the boxes in the closet?!

Hard to believe those little puppies will ever get as big as their Dad!

Jenni @ Fairybread April 03, 2009  

The pups are so gorgeous I don't know how you get 'anything' done, but of course you get all these quilt tops done too! You guys are amazing.

meggie April 03, 2009  

I would waste hours on the pups too.
How sweet they are.
Love your quilt tops too.

julieQ April 06, 2009  

What a darling baby cute! I am so proud of you two sisters making such a difference for the fire victims...good for you! And such pretty quilts, too.

Anonymous,  April 06, 2009  

Lovely scrappy quilts. That puppy is very cute!

Lori in South Dakota April 10, 2009  

I would get nothing done, I would be too busy playing with the puppies! Pretty soon they will be mobbing Bonnie whenever she comes near, and she will WANT to pass them off to Macca!

Scrappy-Quilter April 11, 2009  

WOW!! I love your quilts. You do wonderful work. Keep inspiring me okay?

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