Friday, February 20, 2009

I won't go into this again Keryn, we'll just have to agree to disagree.Our long running argument about Elizabeth the First and Mary Queen of Scots dates from our very early teenage years, and I think my opinion was coloured by a book by Margaret Irwin called Young Bess, and the subsequent volumes. We both loved history and particularly English history, so historical novels were required reading. I think Keryn was drawn to Mary because of her documented love of needlework; something that she could really relate to. My good sister probably imagined herself shut in some tall tower, forced to work on her tiny stitches, but that wouldn't have been much of a penance for her in those days.

Forward to 1983, when this issue of Ladies Circle Patchwork Quilts came out. (Gosh I miss that magazine.) This was our first glimpse of the Stickle quilt, and we both adored it and spent ages poring over that photo and trying to work out how she'd drafted certain blocks. And imagining ourselves as civil war maidens I suppose......
It's enough for me that the Stickle quilt exists, I've never wanted to replicate it. I'm content with that, and to admire all the beautiful versions that are being worked on in blogland. I loved Hanne's red and white version, and Bonnies too.

But nup. Not for me.Now I will be interested in Keryn's progress and probably love her quilt when it's done, but let ONE little peep of complaint at what she's taken on reach my ears.....I'm going to say "What did you Expect!!!! The blocks are FOUR inches!!!I told you you were crazy to start this!!!!!" I'm quite looking forward to it actually!

In the same issue was a quilt made of five or six inch applique blocks, I toyed with this idea for a while, but I don't think that's going to happen either. And in a little aside, notice my post-it notes all through the magazines? I write the name of the quilt or article on there and this simple thing let me locate the photo of the Stickle quilt in less than a minute. I just have to riffle through the little tags instead of flicking through dozens of magazines.

I have but the haziest memory of throwing a bucket of milk over Keryn. I guess I had a much shorter fuse in them days!! And if my boys have issues with trust, well then Mea Culpa. That damned Easter Bunny and Father Christmas....

And now to get off the inflammatory subjects, look at my silicone cupcake moulds! Lime green and cute as a button.These are actually muffins, but I'm thrilled with the ease of using the moulds(in my normal muffin tray) because I used to have to soak and scub, and now everything's still clean. Brilliant.


pdudgeon February 20, 2009  

lol, i always felt sorry for both Mary and Elizabeth.

Jenni @ Fairybread February 22, 2009  

You two crack me up! I've read Keryn's entry, then turn to Mereth's blog for the other side of the story... As for the bucket of milk??

julieQ February 23, 2009  

I love both of your blogs! I want to make a Dear Jane....someday...

YankeeQuilter March 03, 2009  

Oh dear....I bought the Dear Jane book when it first came out. I made 25 blocks and stopped there. Love the quilt but it is so not me (as in me make it - it is me as in love it!) I wish her blocks are now gracing crumb quilts...those I finish!

Helen March 04, 2009  

Which issue of Ladies' Circle Patchwork was the Stickle quilt in?

I'm with you. There is no way I would make this, now way :-)

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