Saturday, March 01, 2008

I've set up a little working space at Keryn's and the old Bernina has been humming away all afternoon and most of the evening. I've set together the blocks I felt guilty about, resulting in a huge top that I still don't really like, but at least it's done. I still have to choose a border( just a small one) and make a backing and quilt it, but the worst is over. If only it was something I felt enthusiastic over. Sigh. I'll photograph it tomorrow, the light is too poor now.

Here's another Old top, this one from the early eighties.It was one of the first I ever pieced by machine, made with cardboard templates and the material (sheeting mixed with cotton scraps) was cut with scissors- my hands hurt for days afterwards. I can remember thinking "This is horrible, who'd ever want to sew like this all the time?" I resolved to stick to the hand-piecing which was calming and therapeutic and didn't make any part of me actually hurt.
Then the wonder of the rotary cutter came along, although the mat was 4" wide and the only rulers available were a set of plexiglass strips to use for log cabins. Now nearly all my piecing is done on the machine, and part of me regrets the lovely hours spent hand sewing each night.

At one stage this afternoon when Keryn and I were sewing I had to ask her to repeat something she said, and realised that both our machines were racing and the Statler was stitching along on the Carolina Coverlet and the noise level was making conversation difficult. Now that's the spirit for the Quiltathon, isn't it? Three machines going at once!


Granny March 02, 2008  

Think how good it will feel to get that quilt done! You two have fun!

loulee March 02, 2008  

Busy busy busy. Means lots of nice pics for us to see. LOL

Paula March 02, 2008  

Can't wait to see the quilts that three machines produced....with a little help from some quilters!!!

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