Tuesday, February 26, 2008

The other day Keryn and I drove into the large neighbouring town about 20 minutes away, to do some shopping. We went past the golf course and commented on how dedicated the members must be-this is just bare dirt and a few half dead weeds, and yet there are always people out playing. I really don't get it. This is the opposite extreme, Matt took the dogs down to the creek bed, where the grass is so long and lush all you can see is their tails wagging above it. They use this old fallen tree as a vantage point to get their bearings, and play "King of the Castle". It's still very hot, as you can see by the lolling tongues, but they love it down there.

I'm setting some blocks together, more out of a sense of duty than liking the finished result. You know, there are some quilts that just won't do as they're told, and seem to drag their heels every step of the way. I originally wanted these set with white, like a quilt I saw on ebay, but it just wasn't 'right' somehow.They turned out way too big when I decided to set them on point and I don't like making huge quilts, even though I now have a way to quilt them easily.
Somehow I just lost the spark after I'd made these and they've sat for nearly two years in the cupboard till I guilted myself into tackling them.

Other quilts have been a joy to make, like this little Periwinkle top. I made it from a scrap bag of vintage pieces that I found at a secondhand shop, as well as some dressmaking materials of ours. There's nothing special about it, doesn't even look that great, and yet I don't think I begrudged one stitch in it, and I have many happy memories of hand-piecing it at night, after the boys had been tucked into bed.
I could never decide whether I wanted to cut the edge off straight or applique it onto a border fabric, but now I'm leaning towards keeping these cute little points on the edge. Just got to decide on a fabric.....
I did love getting my points nice and crisp back then; I applaud the accuracy of hand-piecing.


Harmany Quilting February 26, 2008  

How beautiful your periwinkle tops is and you did such an exquisite job on all those points.

Nic in WA

Paula February 27, 2008  

I really like your periwinkle top! Very nice. I've always admired that pattern.

meggie February 28, 2008  

The Periwinkle is very sweet!
The dogs look very happy!

I don't think we are ever going to get Leo to be a good boy- he is a rebel. Honey looks so disgusted with him at times. At least he has stopped eating shoes & sunglasses.

loulee February 28, 2008  

Another fan of your periwinkle top here.

julieQ March 01, 2008  

Wow! I love your periwinkle top. That particular patterned quilt is selling for big bucks on e-bay...and yours is so much prettier than the ones I have seen.

sewprimitive karen March 07, 2008  

Hi, Mereth, what a beautiful photo of the dogs. That lush green with the line of brown behind, the old logs and the dogs look so nice. Beautiful! And all of your fabrics look so delicious.

Edna March 07, 2008  

WoW!! I love your hand-pieced top! I tend to always do things backwards so I am trying now to learn how to hand-piece. Any idea where I could find this pattern??

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