Friday, March 21, 2008

If I did titles for my posts this one would be called "Trouble at the Waterhole!"Matt has seen this fine fellow in the tree above the dog's bath quite a few times- perhaps he likes a sip of dog-flavoured water too. We thought nothing of it until one day Matt heard a fine ruckus going on outside. When he investigated he discovered a dishevelled and grumpy Mr Peacocok sitting on the fence, and the goanna with three of it's tail feathers in his mouth. It seems he had an ulterior motive for hanging out above the pool, but the bird was just too big for him.

It was quite a tussle though, lots of soft feathers lying on the ground and big indentations where they'd wrestled around. Matt likes the goannas but he's very fond of Mr Peacock, so he chased this one away and up another tree to make sure it didn't have a second try.This specimen is about 4 feet long (that's a big gum tree he's hanging onto) and he's shedding his skin; his new upholstery is very shiny and smart.

In sewing news the customer top is pieced, using every last skerrick of fabric and I had fun with colour combinations that I hadn't used before. These sort of random settings are very popular for stitchery quilts, but I find them harder to do than a pattern. Trying not to get two of the same pieces touching, worrying about the lights and darks making strange patterns, making sure you don't sew rows together upside down- it all seems to take more time and angst. But worth it in the end.
The little Jacob's Ladder blocks are sewn together but now they need a border, which I'll tackle this afternoon. I've made the binding for the customer quilt and that will go on the Statler soon and the Lost Ships is ready to bind too. I've got the projects lined up and waiting so I'd better get busy.
And sadly, this is what Mr Peacock looks like now. I don't know whether he would have lost his tail at this time of year anyway, or the shock of being attacked made him drop it, but his trailing beauty is gone. Oh well, it will grow again.



Kerri March 23, 2008  

The colors of the peacock and his poor lost tail feathers are amazing. Wow! You are a brave soul. The "Lizard?" guy would have me locked in the house!

Lindah March 23, 2008  

Yup! I think I would prefer Mr. P over the goanna, too! When we lived in the country, there was a half-wild one that hung around our house. (We fed him and we didn't have dogs.) By the way, what was that you wrote..the last "skerrick" of fabric? What is a skerrick, please? Inquiring minds need to know. I like the little Jacobs Ladders especially. So cute and nice colors, too.

Lindah March 23, 2008  

PS --the half-wild one refers to the peacock!!!

sewprimitive karen March 23, 2008  

Oh, poor peacock, he really had a narrow escape.

julieQ March 23, 2008  

Poor peacock...the best critter won out! Love your quilt, by the way!

Quilty Cat March 24, 2008  

What a great pic of the goanna!Carmel

meggie March 25, 2008  

I can admire those Goannas, but I can't bring myself to like them!
Mr Peacock has a very indignant look in his eye, as much as to say, " Don't dare photograph me, sans tail feathers!"
They are beautiful, aren't they!

*karendianne. May 07, 2008  

Woah, what a story that was. I'm very happy Mr Peacock is okay and I'm thinkink the Goannas are neat and I love the photo of the Gum Tree since we don't see those here but...well I think that Goanna needs to go on away!!! Very neat to look at though, wow.

And I love that little jacobs ladder!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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