Saturday, March 08, 2008

I was feeling in need of some sewing of my own this weekend, even though you might think I did a fair bit last weekend. The working week was filled with other people's quilts (I forgot I quilted the Half and Half top for Keryn as well ) and I wanted to work out a few projects for me.
I was looking after Curtis puppy while his parents went away for a romantic weekend, so I had the perfect excuse to stay at home, cutting and sorting. I discovered that long-haired dogs aren't at all practical for the untidy sewer, and spent a while brushing all the off-cuts of material from his shaggy coat after he'd flopped down under my sewing table. Curtis obligingly helped clean up by eating quite a few bits too, and I had to start putting everything in the bin rather than have him hoover it all up. I'm sure that wouldn't be good for puppy digestions!
I needed eight more of these blocks, so I cut them out, thinking that I could work on them during the week. Somehow I started sewing one seam, then another and before I knew it I'd pieced nearly all of them. I can't stop myself at times.

After I'd torn myself away from that I made some hourglass units for a reproduction quilt, I'm letting myself use all my most precious fabrics for this. Love those browns....
Then I put the border on the Lost Ships top, should be able to quilt that this week some time.

I completely forgot to take photos of Curtis, but I did grab some graph paper and a pencil and sketch him as he slept at my feet. Wish I'd bothered to get my sketchbook and do it properly, but now I'll have to wait for next time.
And apparently the romantic weekend resulted in a proposal and an acceptance, and I shall be the Mother of The Groom next year some time! Woohoo!! Exciting stuff going on here!


Andrea March 09, 2008  

How lovely - wedding bells ! Some interesting projects going on - LOVE those browns.

Tazzie March 09, 2008  

Wow Mereth, what wonderful news! Just so exciting to have a wedding coming up. I love all the quilts you're working on, and especially love the reproduction browns.

julieQ March 10, 2008  

Wow, how exciting! Me too!! Our son is engaged recently, too. Your quilt blocks are so pretty, and I am most intrigued by your beautiful drawing! Isn't that a good dog, eating some of your string and bits??

Cindibee March 10, 2008  

Great work, lovely sketch, and a hearty congratulations!

Hope your next week gives you more time to create!

Henrietta March 10, 2008  

What a wonderful tail that dog has, you did a great job on the mouth too, got the puppy lips down perfect. Congratulations on the future MOG, much better than being MOB, belive me! Are you going to get a Hat?

Big hug from your friend

meggie March 11, 2008  

How exciting for you- a wedding! Lucky you having Curtis too, for the weekend. Lovely little sketch.
Love your blocks there.

sewprimitive karen March 12, 2008  

What an absolutely gorgeous sketch.

Karen March 15, 2008  

I have really enjoyed reading through your blog and looking at the quilt pictures. Love what you make!

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