Saturday, March 15, 2008

The Lost Ships top has a border, but I didn't manage to get it quilted this week because we *gasp* ran out of batting! I got some delivered yesterday, the backing is ironed and waiting and it should only take me a few hours to get this done in between customer quilts.The ghastly hot weather has made sewing a trial- lots of batting and layers mean warmth and is not what I want at the moment! But that's our business, so the quilting goes on. For relaxation I come home some more- is that weird?
I made this top based on an old farm quilt I saw on ebay and the pattern used up some bleh eighties fabric I wanted to get rid of. I think it might get the triple border treatment later.
These tiny 6" Jacobs Ladder blocks were my Leader-Enders for a while last year, and now I'm sewing the sashing on them in between setting other blocks. When this top's done I'll have made it almost without thought- I can hardly remember doing the blocks (all 42 of them).And that was just from sewing together the short bits from the 1 1/2" strip drawer and some 2 1/2" half square triangles. Utterly painless.
An old rainwater tank out at the park has been turned into a makeshift swimming pool for the dogs in this stinking weather, and Mac likes to cool off there. It's deep enough for him to actually swim around in it, and I suppose it's refreshing, even though the colour of the water leaves a lot to be desired!
A Dog and his Duck........


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