Sunday, March 02, 2008

Can I go home now?

I'm about all sewed out, and I don't think I've got a great deal done. First, the Lost Ship blocks are together, but without a border. (The top is lying on one of Keryn's quilts) I'm so glad these are over and done with, and now I can work on something I'm enthusiastic about. Phew!
I did love making the original blocks, but lost the plot when it came to setting them.
I finished quilting the Variable Star, and will make the binding soon, I promise. Just not today.

I made six album blocks for my paisley quilt, I like how these are turning out.
And then I sewed together all the leader enders from the weekend into this little piece. I may make it bigger, or I might put a border around it and call it a baby quilt. Can't think now, too tired. We stayed up until three last night, and it's catching up with me now.
Thanks for the inspiration Judy, let's do this again sometime. Not next weekend though, I think I'm going to need some recovery time......


tirane93 March 03, 2008  

WOW! you may not think that's a lot to get done, but i sure do. all of it, even the top you aren't enthusiastic about, is just lovely. your leader/ender blocks are arranged artfully, as well. strong work! have a nap!

Granny March 03, 2008  

You did get a lot done! I love the panto you used on the Variable Star. For some reason, I have only the smaller version (Spiral Square and Leaves) and was going to request a larger version and then I saw Keryn already has one. Tomorrow I'm going to order that one.

Anonymous,  March 03, 2008  

That's an amazing amount of quilting you got done. I love the spiral sqaure also, its the only panto I will use.

Karen L

loulee March 03, 2008  

Wow you got loads done. I think you deserve to go home and rest. I love the little leader ender quilt.

Chookyblue...... March 03, 2008  

wow you girls can really sew up a storm........

Carol E. March 03, 2008  

Wow!!! All of those are BEAUTIFUL!

Sweet P March 03, 2008  

You and Keryn did get a lot done this weekend. How wonderful to spend time sewing with your sister.

Jenni March 05, 2008  

Well it looks to me that you did an incredible amount of work. I wish I had the motivation you two have.

Judy March 31, 2008  

Wow, lovely blocks. Can I ask a question? I wanted to make some album blocks but can't find the correct name for the blocks or a pattern source. Can you share how you are making yours? from what pattern or source? Thanks so much!!

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