Monday, March 17, 2008

I've been locked in the sewing room this weekend, trying to stay cool and get some work done. I finished a customer quilt and bound it, then cut out another one. Not only do we quilt tops, sometimes we make them from scratch for the non-sewers in life.
It's always interesting to work with someone else's fabric choices, and I had fun cutting up this lot. I'll start putting this together today, and the quilting will be very simple so it shouldn't take too long.

Then I made more of the hourglass blocks, great piles of them in fact, and I love them intensely. Sometimes I make blocks one at a time, parcelling all the bits into ziplock bags when I cut them out and making little kits of each one. At other times I like working like this, making all the units of a block first in great piles and then putting the blocks together later. I love this way of sewing, because it seems to go so quickly, you feed bits through the machine mindlessly, get into the rythym of pressing and trimming and end up with a huge dollop of Progress.

Just as well Curtis wasn't around this weekend because I did a huge amount of cutting and while some scraps hit the bin, an awful lot didn't. I wouldn't want him gobbling up that lot! I feel a great sense of achievement when my floor looks like this, because it means I've cut up heaps of material. I made three bindings, cut nearly three metres of fabric up for kits and strip drawers and dealt with a pile of scraps as well. I love a good cutting session.
It's still stinking hot, and supposed to be so for another two or three days. I passed a friend in the supermarket yesterday and she looked positively murderous. "What's the matter?" I asked, wondering what had happened. She stared at me then shrieked "I've had it!! I've completely had it!!I HATE this heat!!" Ok, tempers are getting frayed, and she has four little children to keep cool and amused inside. Be careful around Mummy when she's like this, kids!

Keryn and I went for a walk at sunset, just to get out of the house, and while it was still very hot at least there was a bit of a breeze and pretty clouds to look at. The grain silos turned a gorgeous pink in the sun's last light and we tramped home in the dusk, happy to have got a bit of exercise and fresh air. I love living in a town so small that a two minute walk in any direction will bring you to open paddocks and an uninterupted view of the sky stretching above you. I love the country.


Lori in South Dakota March 17, 2008  

Your picture at sunset made me smile--it looks exactly like where I live, the road, the fence, the grain silos--everything. And I'm half a world away. Oh--and it's not cold here, sigh--it's SNOWING again.

Floss March 18, 2008  

I love the country. I live in the city, but need the edge, so I get to see open fields every day, as the city grows I hope it stays that way.

sewprimitive karen March 19, 2008  

Oh Mereth I feel bad for you in that heat. I miss seeing the country every once in a while so much. It looks beautiful there.

meggie March 20, 2008  

Lovely grain silo pic! I love living close to country too. I also love that the ocean is close as well.
I find when I cut I get such a sore back. Cutting is my least favourite part of quilting!

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