Monday, March 24, 2008

The little Jacob's Ladder top is done and I really like how the blocks and setting turned out. I wish I'd made the dark border narrower- I meant to but a glass of wine at lunch had a marked befuddling effect on my intentions and I cut the strips wider. It looks a bit heavy, but let that be a lesson, don't drink and sew!
I really thought these blocks were the ugliest things I'd ever seen, so scrappy and disjointed, but once again setting them has worked some strange alchemy and I suddenly like them very much. (Except that dark border).The reason I used that particular fabric was because it's been in the stash for around 20 years and has turned up in all sorts of projects, but this is the end of it. Gone now.

And as a follow up to the peacock story, Matt's friend gathered up the fallen feathers and put them in a jar in his room. Jessie, the Dog of Little Brain just cannot be persuaded that it's not Mr Peacock himself sitting up there.

I'm watching you!!
Just don't make a move or I'll Have you!!

Thus endeth the Tale of a Tail......


Jeanne March 25, 2008  

That's a terrific scrap quilt! Congrats on the great finish.

Diana March 25, 2008  

Another great finish, Mereth! I think the dark blue looks fine.

Chookyblue...... March 25, 2008  

hey never drink and sew.......I had to change a whole quilt as I cut the wrong block size..........

your quilt is lovely.......

Lynn Dykstra March 25, 2008  

I love this quilt, and the story and pictures of the peacock and lizard was viewed many times by my 10 year old and his friends. They wish we had peacocks and lizards in Chicago. They have to settle for racoons.

meggie March 25, 2008  

That Jacobs Ladder- just lovely! I LOVE scrap quilts, & this is just perfect.
I love the little Jessie, sitting watch!

loulee March 25, 2008  

Your quilt looks great.
As for the tale of the tail! I was always told it is unlucky to bring peacock feathers into the house, something to do with all those eyes watching you. Maybe Jessie is onto something. LOL

Andrea March 27, 2008  

Just lovely at it is - scrap quilts are just so interesting. I love your swirly sashing fabric.

Ruth March 30, 2008  

I love scrap quilts also and as always, once you get the border on and the binding finished, it looks so much better that what you were thinking it might look like. I think it looks great!

YankeeQuilter March 30, 2008  

Uggh - love the peacock story! We have one in the neighborhood that is twice the size of my scottie dog! After the peacock spread its tail feathers at him Macbeth chose to just pretend the big bird isn't there..."la, la, la - what big bird?"

ps. Great quilt!!!

Karen April 01, 2008  

I very much like your scrappy quilt. Proves that you can mix lots of fabrics together, watching value placement, and have a great quilt. I don't feel the dark blue is overwhelming.

Funny about the dog and the peacock feathers!

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