Thursday, November 29, 2007

I've been sewing a little and decided this leader-ender project needed to be pushed up to the finished stage. I didn't want this to be too large, so it's only about 32", and there will be a couple of borders which I haven't decided on yet. I really enjoyed these little blocks and they were pretty mindless to do, and used up the smallest triangles I'd ever want to use. The squares end up at 1"; smaller than that is just masochism.
The customer quilt is being done on my Janome, because I don't want to sew over the stitcheries and it's not a very big quilt anyway. Plus I can sew it at my house and the Statler is at Keryn's. I can do this in the early morning or late at night, as the mood takes me.

Bonnie showed a photo of her bin recently and I decided to show you mine. Understand that when fabric reaches this place there's no further use for it.
I've known patchworkers who throw away every scrap, and I'm not ashamed to say I delve through their bins when I visit and salvage quite a lot of decent fabric. In fact one friend has given up and now saves her 'rubbish' in plastic bags so that I can vet it before it gets thrown away. Keryn and I, in our early poor days of piecing, back in the 70's and '80's, used to visit a patchwork store that let people go through their bins after classes, and we couldn't believe what some people would toss out. Whole strips of fabric in some cases, and it felt good to be so frugal and use it.
But when I throw fabric out, it's done for. If I throw it out it's too small to use, has poly in it, is dreadful quality or has something spilt on it. I don't throw away any bit that I can cut a little 1" triangle from, and that's small. So it takes a while for me to fill my bin up, months and months. I keep squashing it down and squashing some more, until I can do this.......

Scrap Castle!!!!

The scraps at the very top of it are from the chenille quilt, so it's like an geological slice, I can date it by what I was working on in each layer. Oh well, that's proved how very immature I am, now I can get back to the serious business of filling up the bin again.....


comicbooklady November 29, 2007  

You gave me my smile for the day! Scrap castle! I love it!

tirane93 November 29, 2007  

oh my goodness, I want them! of course it would cost a fortune to ship those scraps to the states, but if i lived cross town from you i would certainly be on your doorstep in a heartbeat. tiny scraps make excellent stuffing for small toys and doggie (or kitty) pillows. i even save my obnoxious thread scraps for this purpose. the hard part is deciding whether a scrap goes into the stuffing bin or the re-use bin!

Marilyn Robertson November 29, 2007  

I've never seen a scrap castle before - I love it!

Tonya Ricucci November 29, 2007  

I'm with you - I save all those little bits too. Can't believe how people will spend so much for the fabric and then just toss perfectly good pieces.Whee, I've never tried a scrap castle - very fun.

Anonymous,  November 29, 2007  

Love the patterns and colours in your first quilt there.
I do love and laughed at your "Scrap Castle" story. I'm sure I can see a great piece of fabric there......

Sew Create It - Jane November 29, 2007  

That's an impressive "castle". I, like you, try to use every bit, throwing the fabric into a plastic bag when it has absolutely no use. Then I take the carrier bag to a local charity which recycles the fabric scraps. They get so much £ per week depending on how many bags of rags they get. It's great, because I know it's not going to land fill.

Lucy November 30, 2007  

I am impresssed by yoru scrap castel!! LOL.... And by your quilt on the top. what a nice quilt!

loulee November 30, 2007  

I guess the scrap castle appealed to the child in us all.
Love the quilt.

Jenni November 30, 2007  

It's like an archeological dig, dating back the deeper you go. The quilt looks great - love the colour combinations.

Floss November 30, 2007  

Love the scrap castle. What a fun idea, I quite often will toss some fabric only to pull it back out of the bin.

Andrea November 30, 2007  

I want one too - lol !! I used to throw my scraps but now hoard every little bit. I also do the same as Floss. Love your leader-ender project !

julieQ December 02, 2007  

If that is a castle, are you the queen? or a princess?

hahaha!! I do the samae thing!! and love the littlest scrapples!!


Helen in the UK December 02, 2007  

I LOVE LOVE LOVE your scrap castle!! LOVE the leader/ender top you've made too :)

meggie December 02, 2007  

Your scrap castle is wonderful!!
I also love love your lovely quilt top. How patient you are!

MARCIE December 16, 2007  

Oh my gosh that is so hilarious! You are too funny! A slice of history indeed! I have just been catching up on your last few posts and can identify with your time travel through your stash. The quality of fabric available now is so wonderful and I think we never knew what we were missing years ago. As always, I love your quilts!

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