Wednesday, November 21, 2007

I've declared a day off, to do Whatever I Want. I'm working on four quilts, but none of them are mine, and I think I deserve to focus on my stuff for a day. It's been so long since I did any pieceing I'm suffering withdrawal symptoms. But lo, when I went to use my little Singer, something was amiss! It made a terrible thumping sound even though it still sewed perfectly. I traced it to the belt, which is made of leather and has split almost through. Every time the split piece went round it made the motor housing knock against the body of the machine, hence the noise. I was glad it was something so fixable, that I'm able to do myself, but it means a 28k trip into town for a replacement.

I'll have to use something else for my piecing fix, but there are at least three other machines I can use so it's not as bad as it could be. I love this little singer though and I won't feel entirely happy until it's all back together again.

There are more bindings to make and sew on, I seem to be cutting up metres and metres of fabric just to make into binding. This is a good thing I suppose, because I do want to use the fabric up, and some of the bits I'm using are unlovely to say the least. Pretty soon I should have enough off-cuts for a scrap binding too, so that will be a bonus.
I finished another little quilt yesterday, but the photos are on Keryn's camera so you can only see the back here. Now I've got to find a binding material for this, so it's back to scrabbling in the green drawer again.It's been dreadfully hot here, and the workroom has no airconditioning, so nothing gets done in the heat of the day. Macca as usual has his own methods of cooling off, but when he came to visit Keryn this was the most water she could come up with.
Oh well, a fella makes the best of things, doesn't he? Last night a cool change came through, and look! Raindrops on roses.....

It's lovely and cool, but it won't last for long. It's perfect piecing weather though, so I'd better make the most of it.


Donna November 21, 2007  

had to laugh at the dog! what a wonderful effort he makes with the pail as a bathtub :-) Hopefully the rain and cooler temps will be something of a reprieve for you all...

Tazzie November 21, 2007  

Hi there Mereth :-)
I really admire your ability to pull your sewing machine apart and fix it yourself - I'm a real technophobe, and would have to pay someone a small fortune to do it. Good on you! I love the pictures of Macca - a dog has to do what he has to do - after all, it has been so hot lately!

Nola November 21, 2007  

Had to laugh at Macca - our old dog Tessa used to do that too. She had a bath that she could stand (and sit) in completely but I think sometimes it was just too much trouble to get those back legs in. You are storming along on those quilt tops, aren't you? The roses are beautiful, the more so for those raindrops!

sewprimitive karen November 22, 2007  

What a cute picture of Macca. I love your posts. Good for you for figuring out what the Singer needs.

meggie November 23, 2007  

Mac is a very enterprising young man!!
Love the look of all your quilts there.
Raindrops on roses..perfect.

loulee November 24, 2007  

Aw poor Macca. He has the right idea though.
I hope you get your machine fixed soon.

julieQ November 25, 2007  

Those sewing machine parts look very familiar. I was given a machine by a friend, the color is exactly the same. An old Singer. I love the puppy pics!!


Jenni November 26, 2007  

He's such a Staffy, isn't he? They all love the water.

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