Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Tonya's first on-line class decided to make our names and send them to her, to say thankyou for her guidance. This is mine, and it's rather slapdash, but never mind. I feel like I didn't do enough to participate in the class, but there was so much going on at the same time that I was totally distracted. (You know, going to Sydney, shifting Keryn down here, setting up her house, getting the Statler, stuff like that...) However I feel that I did learn a lot from Tonya, and I loved getting to know the other people in the class. Now I know that I can actually do this sort of pieceing,I have an enormous amount of respect for our teacher because she makes this look so easy. I'll keep on building on Tonya's lessons and become more proficient, because I've got lots of ideas now for what I want to do.

I was sewing away quite happily on this when I was suddenly struck by the most appalling thought- Tonya was going to see the back of this! Now it doesn't look Too bad from the front, but there are a few seams that I had more than one go at, and I was too lazy to change the thread from a dark grey and there are snarls from the automatic thread cutter on my machine. Oops! Don't look at the back willya ,Tonya! Thanks for the class!


Donna December 05, 2007  

I really like how that light blue is scattered about in your background. Adds a real "spark" to the whole thing :-)

julieQ December 05, 2007  

I like your name block!! Tanya is going to love it. My friend got after me the other day about the terrible state of the back of my quilting blocks...I just get carried away!! She said "you must clip threads, you must trim"...Ok, OK!!!

I love it!


Quiltdivajulie December 05, 2007  

I had that same awful thought... the back shows! Fortunately, only the front photos have been posted for others to see. I'm hoping Tonya will understand about the back sides!!

Tonya Ricucci December 05, 2007  

Slapdash? no, no, no. FREE. happy and lively. wonderful. I LOVE it and I'm thrilled to hear that the back is messy. woohoo, you were having fun and not being precise and perfectionist. I think that's a great step forward, just keep that mood when you work on your project. I know you'll get back to it in the new year.

meggie December 06, 2007  

Who cares about the back? The front looks fabulous!!

Shelina December 07, 2007  

Your name block looks wonderful Mereth. I just love your scrap castle. I have a much smaller one, and I too get gleeful in making it. I did see some big pieces of fabric in there though!

Kyra December 29, 2007  

Like the lettering! I usually applique words on my quilts - interesting technique to try lettering this way.


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