Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Our quilting group decided to have an early Christmas outing, and just for something different it was decided we'd go to Cowell, across Spencer Gulf. A friend and I drove there, a three and a half hour trip, but the rest of the group went by ferry, which took two hours. When we joined up again at the other side, we found everyone had been given a survival pack that was devised by some clever girls in the group.In case of shipwreck, there was a brooch that flashed like a beacon, to guide the rescuers ...Some first aid supplies....A flotation aid.....A flare to set off...And it case they ended up marrooned on an island, a communication device...
A fishing line...
And emergency rations.

I love it!!

We had a wonderful lunch at the hotel, played some fabric games that made the other diners stare askance at the uproarious laughter coming from our table and instead of bags of candy at our places we had bags of beautiful little buttons which we proceeded to swap furiously; "I'll trade you a blue teapot for a pink star....."

Then we visited the lovely patchwork store "Stitch 'n' Bits" where there was a huge selection of half price fabric, just to make our day.
My friend and I left the others to wait for the ferry and set off on the long drive home- we left at 8.30 in the morning and got back at 8 that night, but it was such fun it was worth it. I'm just disappointed that Keryn couldn't make it, but she was held up in Adelaide and missed out. Next year she'll have to join in the fun.


dot November 14, 2007  

Sounds like everyone had a good time. I like the fabrics.

Anonymous,  November 14, 2007  

Love your survival kit. It was very clever, just hand me the rations, you can go fishing......

Floss November 14, 2007  

Sound like a fun day. Love the survival kit, and fabric shopping improves any day.

meggie November 14, 2007  

Fabric would be icing on the perfect day!
Loved the survival kits!

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