Friday, November 02, 2007

Sally, a reader of my blog sent me this photo of a little top she'd made, based on the blocks I was making from leader-enders. How cute is this? I'm really chuffed that she sent me the photo, it's nice to think I'm giving people ideas. (In a Nice way, of course!) Cor, I feel a bit like Bonnie now!! She plans to put a bit of applique in the border, I hope she sends another photo when it's completed.

Here's a question; if you had a little sister who had worked hard helping you for, oh, a few weeks, and she did mostly what she was told and hardly Ever complained of feeling knackered, hard done by, exhausted, shattered, and she never anwered back and only occasionally told you where the proper place was for your furniture and things and then moved them behind your back and well, if she'd been a BIG help, how would you reward her?

You'd let her take home all the bits you'd weeded out of your stash, and some cut strips, and some scraps that no-one would miss - wouldn't you?

Keryn did, and now I'm having a lovely time sorting them into piles and cutting strips and just playing. (I should point out that tub was full when I bore it home , and it only occurred to me to take a photo when I'd scrabled through half the contents). Perhaps I should make a sign that says "Will Work For Scraps". Keryn is so Over these fabrics, but I'll do something quick and scrappy and they won't seem old and dull to me.


keryn November 02, 2007  

I didn't know that brown in the last photo was there. I want that back!
Just kidding....

Karen November 02, 2007  

Sally's top is pretty and some applique should look very nice. Mereth, you and Keryn have been so busy. Wonderful posts, and the quilt show photos are fabulous. That longarm critic really took you on, didn't he LOL.

Chookyblue November 03, 2007  

such a lucky sister......well girls have had a very busy what...month or need to stop for a little while and rest.....aka sew/

loulee1 November 03, 2007  

It's nice having sisters who share with you. I have one too.

Sweet P November 04, 2007  

Have fun with the scraps. They look yummy.

Carol E. November 04, 2007  

A very nice reward for a hard-working sister! Way to go! Have fun with it.

meggie November 04, 2007  

Sharing, caring!! Wonderful!
I recognize the 'sick of the sight of' syndrome! I get it now & then, & so does my daughter.

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