Saturday, November 24, 2007

This is the first customer quilt and wouldn't you know it, it was a big one! It just has a pantograph over it, Keryn's Celtic Scrolls but it still took a long time to do. I did just about all of it myself and I was glad to unroll it from the frame, hours later. Phew!
I guess I was tired because I'd already done this smaller top of mine in the morning. I made this about 15 years ago, from a picture in a magazine. (I think it was a 30's quilt, but I can't really remember now.) I pieced it during the school holidays when the boys were little, and I loved doing it, enjoyed every bit. I used to look forward to the holidays, no worrying about lunches and school clothes, and we all did whatever we liked- no routines to follow! Some mothers used to complain about having their children home for weeks, but I never did. The boys still talk about the time we built an entire medieaval village from Lego on the dining room table and it stayed there for the whole holidays. We had to eat meals on our laps, but who cared?
The back was made from ten inch squares, a la Bonnie, and it worked out well. It's easy to measure, just count the squares and times by ten.
And here is another addition to my doggie grandkids. Middle son Rob and his partner have bought a puppy, a cross between a Brittany Spaniel and a Golden Retriever. The words Seriously Cute do not adequately describe this darling. His name is Curtis and he had us in fits of laughter at his antics; let's just say he's not very co-ordinated yet. I couldn't get a full length picture because the camera batteries died after I took these, but his legs are very long and fluffy and seem to all go in independant directions.Mac was overpoweringly curious about him, and poor Curtis was a bit overwhelmed at times. I think we'll wait until he's a bit older till they can play together, Mac is far too boisterous a companion for a ten week old puppy.


Quilt Pixie November 26, 2007  

I can't even imagine how daunty it must feel to quilt someone else's work -- I don't envy you at all that aspect of the quilting business.

And seriously cute really is an understatement :-)

meggie November 26, 2007  

I love your quilt, with all the scrappy colours.
The customer one is very large, so would have been hard work.

I used to love school holidays for the same reasons you did! I loved having my kids home, & we would spend hours doing things together.

That little Curtis is just adrorable, & I love the photo of Mac's curiosity!

Tazzie November 26, 2007  

What a fun time you're having with the quilting machine - you're producing such beautiful things. I love your 30's quilt - scrappy is just wonderful.
The puppy is darling!

Marcie November 27, 2007  

Nice job with the quilting! Your kaleido is great! And what a darling puppy!

loulee1 November 27, 2007  

Everywhere I go on blogland today there are babies! Too cute, what a sweetie.

The quilts look great, especially your own one, how long has it been waiting? LOL

YankeeQuilter November 28, 2007  

Sooo cute! I love puppies when they are that age!

Your quilting looks wonderful. The 10-inch squares on the back are great.

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