Thursday, November 15, 2007

The Fancy Bowtie has been quilted, so that's another top that bites the dust.

I used my panto Featherme and it suited the piecing well.
One of the delights of doing all this quilting is getting to play with different threads, including some nice variegated ones. This was done in Signature Stars and Stripes, and even though the top doesn't have much red blue or white it actually suited the scrappy nature of it.

I daresay we'll get to know what will look good and what won't as we go along, and we'll get our quilts finished in the process.

Another one to bind, I'm stashbusting just making all these bindings, another bonus!!


Mary Johnson November 15, 2007  

I just used Feather Me on my Pink HeartStrings quilt. It looks great - but then it's looked great on everything I've used it on. It's my new favorite pantograph.

Hedgehog November 15, 2007  

It looks like you're having so much fun!

Nola November 15, 2007  

Fantastic, Mereth! You guys mnust be quilting all day every day!

You'll have to change the bit on your blog intro about your twin being 3000 miles away!

Helen in the UK November 15, 2007  

Congrats on another one done :)

Donna November 16, 2007  

now all you need is an automatic binder :-) maybe you can hire a teenager as a quilt baby sitter to do the bindings? hehehe

Jenni November 17, 2007  

It must be so exciting getting all these quilts finished. Will you be taking many customer quilts? I might just have to send something down for you to practice on!

meggie November 18, 2007  

You lucky lucky girls! What fun!
That looks just great.
I love the scrappy look.

julieQ November 18, 2007  

How pretty!! I bet it is so satisfying to finish some of your tops. This one came out so well.


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