Wednesday, July 04, 2007

The stand came down much quicker than it went up. Swarms of people rushed around packing everything into boxes and bags, and trolleys and pallets were loaded with the heavy stuff before being wheeled out to the loading areas. The last day is when you're the most tired, and that's when you have to spring into action and tear down what it took so long to arrange. We all had to wear safety vests and woe betide anyone wandering without one. There's so much going on that visibility is most important, or you might get run over by something.

This is the Goldsbrough Mort, the old wool stores that have been turned into rooms and apartments. It's really handy to the exhibition halls, and we had a nice view this time.

The big white shed-like buildings are the Convention Centre and we had to walk to the furthest one on the right so we got our exercise!

Every time I travel I take my sketchbook, but I usually get overwhelmed and don't use it. I only managed to make this one scribble of some old building I could see from our room, and I had to press myself against the window to see it. I don't really 'do' the skyscrapers, I'm more interested in the old stone buildings. Someday I'll get better organised, and more brave, and then I'll be able to sketch in public.
I had excess luggage at the airport, and this is the reason why. Other friends took home wool and fabric, and we had stashes of both AND kilos of books that took our fancy. I even posted some clothes home to make room in the suitcase, but you can't get round the fact that books are heavy creatures.Honestly, who could leave that Imperial China book , or the pyrography one for $4.95 each?Not these little biblophiles.


sewprimitive karen July 04, 2007  

Fantastic sketch. Show us more!

meggie July 05, 2007  

Yes, more of your sketches! Nice pics. You would need a good rest when you got home!

Chookyblue...... July 05, 2007  

as I told you in Sydney I love your sketches so please be brave and do have a talent there........I am flat out to draw a stick person and a did you fair with the storms overnight?? hope all is safe and well........PS you view from the PH was much better than ours

Shelina July 06, 2007  

It is a pretty quilt, and I am sure you got lots of response from it. I can imagine that tearing down the setup would be the hardest part - undoing all your good work, especially when you are tired. Those are some bright vests!
That is such a lovely sketch, I too would like to see more.

meggie July 06, 2007  

Hi Mereth, I hope you dont mind, but I have nominated you for the 8 random things meme. I have nominated Keryn too!
I love reading them, but realise they are not everyone's cup of tea.
But I did so enjoy your post for me, to cheer me up. I dont mind if you dont wish to do it. No pressure.

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