Monday, July 16, 2007

Thanks for the suggestions about this little quilt, but I won't be doing any unpicking or fiddling with it. Know ye this, peoples, when I decide on a setting, I have already exhausted every possibility that I can think of. Keryn saw my method in action when she was down here, and I have it down to a fine art.

I cover the sewing table with the intended setting fabric, and lay the blocks out in every way I can come up with, straight; on point; with alternate blocks; streak of lightning; thin to wide sashing. Some may have potential, and I'll take photos to jog my memory, others I dismiss straight away.

While I have the fabric laid out, I grab two or three other sets of blocks that I'm stewing over, and they get laid out too, to see if the fabric suits them. I can do it very quickly, and sometimes I get results I didn't expect, and a fabric intended for one set of blocks ends up with another. Even if I particularly want a block set straight (like these feathered crosses), I'll still play this game to make sure I haven't overlooked some possibility.

And the sad thing is, these blocks didn't look good any other way. Because they're so small, an alternate square seemed to dwarf them, a wider sashing overwhelmed them, I ended up loosing the effect of all those tiny points. If they'd been 1 1/2" triangles I think they could have coped and held their own.

I'll do some borders and call it quits and let's face it, there's plenty more waiting to be set together so I don't need to agonise about how big this will end up.

Mac says ......

"SSSHHH! I just got her off to sleep!"


sewprimitive karen July 16, 2007  

Perfect photo of sweet Mac.

Mary Johnson July 17, 2007  

These photos of the dogs are so sweet - I love the B&W and the angles. They're very artistic.

meggie July 18, 2007  

AWWWW. How cute! Mac has such soulful eyes!

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