Saturday, July 07, 2007

Hmmn, Meggie, I think I'll put a spin on this.....

8 things that are different about Keryn and me.

1.She is half an inch taller than me.

2.When people used to exclaim that they couldn't tell us apart, Mum always said "Oh Meredith has a much rounder face". Yep, that's me, old Moon Face.....

3.As children the only serious disagreement we had was whether Elizabeth the First should have executed Mary Queen of Scots. And it's still irreconcilable because we just had another huge argument about it.......

4.Keryn has a scientific leaning, and I love the Arts.

5.Mum always said there's a Good Twin and a Bad Twin . I need not elaborate. I'm the Good Twin.

6.I love Star Trek (except for the original series). Keryn can't suspend her disbelief and she doesn't know what she's missing out on....

7.I'm a technophobe, whereas Keryn loves to try new things. She's much braver about everything in fact.

8.Nup, can't think of eight.


meggie July 07, 2007  

Thankyou Soooo much for 8 randoms! I love reading the answers!
That photo of the two of you as toddlers is truly amazing, & you are absolutely indentical. Who knows why Keryn robbed you of 2 inches... wouldnt you think it would have been split- you could have had half each!
Not trying to be devisive here!
I knew you would be fun to nominate!

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