Friday, July 20, 2007

I've been knitting up some of the gorgeous wool that I bought at Sydney show. This is Jitterbug wool, in the Raphael colourway and it's lovely to knit. The colours are keeping me entertained and it feels beautiful too. I knitted one sock from the outside of the ball and one from the centre, so they don't match, but I want to use every last skerrick of this. I'll knit a few rows on each until I run out, which will probably be later on tonight. I can't stop knitting these, but when they're done I'm going to start on "Firecracker." Mmmmmmm!

Then there's the 2 ply Merino for shawls and some wool/cooton blend for plain socks.....Another thing I bought at the show was this Ott light and I love it. It's not at all glarey and doesn't make my eyes hurt like my old lamp did. It makes applique a whole lot easier.

Bonnie in pensive mood.


meggie July 21, 2007  

Oh my goodness those socks just look soooo cosy! What lovely shades those wools are.
I should be attempting some on these cold nights.
Isnt Bonnie just so cute!

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