Friday, July 06, 2007

We had a lovely day today, which Keryn has written about on her blog.We took lots of photos, but I'll content myself with just this one, of an old cart. It was for sale at an antiques place, and even though I love these soft colours, I've nowhere to put it.

We've been sewing some extra blocks, to go with an orphan I made years ago. I'll decide how big to make it when we've got a few more together.
I also dug out an applique block I've been avoiding and decided to finish it. I adore applique and I think I need to do more, after seeing some of the lovely work at the Sydney show. This is from an old quilt that was in Quilters Newsletter Magazine many years ago.

I was going to make nine blocks, but I don't think I can face another eight!This quilt was one of Kayes and Keryn and I both fell in love with it. I may use the applique block as a centre and do something like this.....

Here's a sketch I did years ago, when Matthew was four.(15 years ago to be exact!) I don't have many drawings of my children, and I regret it now.
And a watercolour of a tabby.......Meggie, I'm thinking of eight things.....


meggie July 07, 2007  

You are very talented as an artist! Your son looks gorgeous. And the tabby looks almost real.
Your blocks are lovely & the applique is beautiful.
I feel such a sloth!

MARCIE July 07, 2007  

Your drawings are amazing! Plus your quilts always are to die for, as they say. Thanks for all the great pictures and stuff recently.

tami July 07, 2007  

You are an amazing artist. The drawing of your son is precious.
Your blocks are beautiful. I can't wait to see the finished products.

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