Friday, June 29, 2007

The quilt that came to be rudely known as The Big Brown Bugger is finished and this is it, hanging at Kayes, minutes after the binding was stitched down by a team of three of us. I think we did pretty well making a 103” square quilt in 5 days!

The machines were quilting right up to the moment that they were dismantled and loaded onto a flatbed truck. The van was packed with all manner of bags and bundles and we set off in convoy with the truck following us. Bruce programmed the NavMan to get him to the convention centre on the quickest possible route. He then proceeded to make detours to the printers and then the supermarket for lollies, using random shortcuts known only to himself, which sent the rather cultured Pierce Brosnan voice into freefall. “Turn Left at the next intersection” it intoned and Bruce said conversationally “No, I’m just going round here first...” “Turn LEFT!” the voice commanded and then as it was ignored “At the next opportunity do a u-turn and proceed back 100 metres....” It then proposed another route which Bruce again ignored.....I know it was just my imagination but I thought I detected a note of hysteria as we got further off course. Bruce loves to tease everyone, but you have to wonder what he gets out of stirring up a disembodied electronic voice.

Kaye rang Kathy in Perth as we were driving in to the show and was astonished to learn that she knew all about the brown quilt and had already seen it on Keryn’s blog, hours after it was done. It is amazing, and a bit disconcerting too.

This is the booth, with the BBB hanging as the backdrop, and we’ve been quite chuffed that people have recognised it and known all about it’s creation because of the blog entries. We’ve outed a few lurkers on this trip! And met Chookyblue, who bravely approached us and introduced herself, which was lovely.

How on earth can we go through all of these stands? I’m sure we’ll miss something.


Carol E. June 30, 2007  

Enjoy the show! The quilt turned out so pretty! And I loved the story of your husband irritating the electronic voice! I had never stopped to wonder what it would do if ignored. Too funny! Did I use enough exclamation marks??!!?

tami June 30, 2007  

The quilt turned out great. I love it. I think it needs a new name now that it is finished.
That ariel picture of all the booths made my heart go pitter patter. Have a great time.

meggie June 30, 2007  

How exciting it all must be. I had a good laugh at Bruce & the Navman. Have fun.

Judy June 30, 2007  

Looks fabulous! Love the quilt, I know it's big, but it's just wonderful!

Mary July 03, 2007  

What a great quilt - who gets to keep it??

Jenni @ Fairybread July 08, 2007  

We had all seen the quilt before it got to the show, I assure you! All the quilts look beautiful.

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