Sunday, July 15, 2007

I don't know what's up with Blogger, but I tried all yesterday to log in and it kept timing out.

I have set together the 20 Feathered Cross blocks, and I have a sneaking suspicion that I need more. This isn't long enough for a single bed, and only covers half of a double bed. So I either make 4 more and turn it into a single quilt, or *gulp* 15 more and make it a double.

Trouble is, I don't want to do either. I don't like long narrow quilts, which this would be if I made it fit the single bed, and honestly! another 15 blocks with 24 one inch triangle squares in each? I don't think so. That would mean like.....another 360! And there's already 480 in the blocks so far! I feel nauseous at the very thought.
Perhaps I could just put the final sashing round these and a few borders and make it a large wallhanging. I don't want to do no more blocks and that's that.
One of Matt's friends has been so taken with Mac that he succumbed and got his own Staffie puppy. Her name is Bonnie, and we puppysat her last night. They are so cute to watch together, Mac is wonderfully gentle and even though she's so rough he never gets cross with her. At one stage she was biting his eyelid and he just put a paw up in self defence, and then let her do it anyway.
When we got him there were three in his litter, and while we were choosing which puppy to take I noticed that the little female was being bashed up by a bigger male. He kept backing her into a corner and attacking her quite seriously. Mac would wander over, get in between them and divert the aggressive pup's attention, then lead him away. He didn't seem that interested in playing with the other puppy once he'd got it away from the female, but he just wouldn't let it hurt her.
He's proved to be just as sweet natured now that he's older, and I love his personality. This is a dog that ran into my knee in his rush to say hello to me and his head left a bruise, and yet he's ridiculously gentle with this little scrap.
Matt and the friend have planned her to be a child bride and want puppies, sigh....
Matt has been playing around with the black and white setting on his camera and weird angles....


Harmany Quilting July 15, 2007  

Hi Mederith - Have you thought about unpicking (horrible thought I know) and alternating the blocks with just fabric. It would mean more sashing but no more 360 !@#$%^ triangles. Or another thought was to again unpick, put the blocks on point and again use just fabric blocks in between. There is nothing as horrid as a quilt that is long and thin or just big enough. Just shoot me now.
Regards, Nyx.
PS Mac is such a cutie.

Chookyblue July 15, 2007  

that is an alternative that Harmony quilting said and I like that idea but........if you decided to make it a wall hanging have you got more of the blue and do the same width (or double)as the sashing and leave it as that...........I didn't realise that these triangle squares were so looks fantastic........I have probably confused you completely........

meggie July 16, 2007  

No answers for your lovely quilt blocks.
But oh those two cute dogs. I have noticed over the years, that most adult dogs are quite tolerant of puppies & will put up with all sorts of liberties. But once they feel the puppy is no long a pup, they can be quite stern. Cute photos. Hope Mac's eyelid is ok!

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