Monday, July 30, 2007

I've played around with these blocks and came up with a really intriguing setting, then thought "Why bother?" As I said these blocks were made from ordinary fabric-still good quality patchwork fabric but just not special. I used to buy scrapbags from a Sydney store, and these pieces were passed over time and again as I used the nice bits. So these units seemed the answer because the scraps were just the right size and I could get rid of them at last.

If I make two more blocks I can add another row, and as I have an inexplicable aversion to square quilts, I'll probably do that today. I didn't really like the blue setting, but that used a piece of wishy-washy 80's fabric, so I could feel virtuous about that too, it's all win-win, isn't it? These blocks turned out to have far more potential design-wise than I thought; I have two or three ideas I'll be persuing with reproductions instead of blah fabric.

On the knitting front I'm making the tea cosy illustrated in this 1956 magazine, using some vintage 3 ply wool from Mum's stash (I love the little cable bow on top).I'm also doing a pink cotton/wool blend sock in rib and cables and the Jitterbug sock in the Sahara colourway. I knit them all at different times and places, so they're each growing slowly, but I never get bored!

And look what happens if you're not careful! Give them an inch and they'll take a mile! I was a bit aghast (that's my yellow stash!) and Bonnie was quickly removed, but it was cute too......
C'mon, Outa there!


Chookyblue July 30, 2007  

I think you have done very well getting rid of some fabrics.......the quilt is lovely......

keryn July 30, 2007  

That has turned out far better than I expected. It's amazing what setting the blocks together does, some strange alchemy takes place. And I really like the blue setting.

We need to have a Banish The Blahs drive and get rid of ALL of average stuff. That's my aim for the future.

Karen July 30, 2007  

Mereth, the top is so pretty. I love the color choice for the sashing.

Screen Door July 30, 2007  

I'm printing out this quilt picture for my bulletin board. I love it!!! looks like it belongs on a farmhouse kitchen table... Thanks for sharing.

Screen Door July 30, 2007  

Hey - You don't have an email address listed but, If you have any measurement steps you'd share, I'd love to have them.....

Screen Door July 30, 2007  
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dot July 30, 2007  

Very nice quilt. I am diffently going to have to try this. I agree with you about square quilts. I have made two this year and I do not particularly like them.

Meredith July 31, 2007  

Yes I agree win win would be correct. Thanks for the tutorial you put up.

Lynda (Granny K) July 31, 2007  

Square is good for a table-cover! This would make a lovely one. I rather like the fabrics because they are 'easy on the eye' - I like restful quilts as well as bright ones. This pattern would work in all kinds of fabrics.

meggie August 01, 2007  

Gee, you sure buzzed along with that! I turned my back to a minute, & there it is! I like the blue setting too.
And yes, little puppies sometimes 'leak' a little unexpectedly! Cant have that on the yellow stash!

Kairle August 01, 2007  

Simply amazing what you can do with unloved scraps! Another row will be perfrect.

Sweet baby!

Andrea August 01, 2007  

That turned out really well ! You did it so quick. Was wondering where you got the pattern for your feathered cross blocks or is it your own design? I would really love to have a go at that !

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