Tuesday, November 02, 2021

Another top finished

I started Bonnie's Jewel Box Star in Aug of 2020, over a year ago and made pretty good progress until it was time to add the borders. 

I'd already picked out the purple fabric, and I knew I was just going to make an inner border using 12 1/2" white based prints. I wasn't even procrastinating about the choices and I still did nothing.

So flushed with the success of finishing the green checkerboard/album top I just got right down to cutting and piecing and suddenly that top is finished too.

I didn't really like it when I was making it but after I'd put it on the workshop design wall for it's photo I exclaimed to Keryn "It's quite pretty!" Her reaction was  "Der! Of course it is!"

Sometimes I wonder about my judgement in these matters. And I certainly wonder why I let things sit for months, years, decades when I can finish them in a few days of concentrated effort.


Suzanne November 02, 2021  

Both of your recent finishes are beautiful. You and Keryn are both such an inspiration to me. Thank you for sharing your thoughts and your quilts!

Rose Marie November 02, 2021  

Very pretty, indeed! I blame my UFO's on the squirrel. There are a few tops on my shelves that just need borders to finish them up too. So you are not alone.

Gretchen Weaver November 03, 2021  

This turned out lovely, what a great way to use up fabrics. Happy stitching!

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